CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Intermediate Goalie Equipment Combo [Special Edition]

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CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads – Double Break

Goalies Plus is bring the Flex back the Extreme Flex with our E5.9 Special Edition leg pads. The stock Extreme Flex 5.9 comes with a single break below the knee with an extremely stiff profile from this break to the top of the pad.    This made it almost impossible for a goalie with a narrow or medium with butterfly to get full closure in this position.  Also by having this stiff upper profile, it took away lateral flex from the pads.  Vertical flex and lateral flex are the two major flexes needed for a hybrid style goalie.  We spoke to CCM concerning these issues and it was their opinion that goalies want an extremely stiff upper portion of the pad.  However this opinion is mainly based on their focus groups.  These focus groups are generally made up of high level college, junior and pro goalies who do not need the extra flexibility.  We feel based on what we have seen with goalies wearing the Extreme Flex 4.9 series in our retail store and the tremendous success of the Vaughn Velocity Double Break series, there is a large number of goalies that need the extra flexibility of the double break to perform at their peak performance.

With Intermediate and junior pads, we feel the double break is particularly necessary.  As foams are shortened and made for smaller pads, they tend to get stiffer (just as cutting down a stick makes the stick flex stiffer).  So in the smaller sizes of pads, the pad stiffness can become extremely stiff – too stiff – which binds the goalie up and they cannot move.  Smaller goalies need more flexibility, not less – so we feel that the double break especially helps younger goalies.

The double break allows for increased flexibility and greater lateral flex (more independent flexibility of the pad – top, middle and bottom). By having more lateral flex in the pads, the goalie has greater control and more natural movements compared to a stiffer version. Another reason we went with the double break was the increase coverage in the butterfly technique. A hybrid goalie considers themselves a hybrid for many reasons; size, mobility, body limitations, etc. A very common characteristic of a hybrid goalie is a narrow to medium width butterfly technique. Since a hybrid goalie will still utilize the butterfly technique, it is important that the pad can do its part. By having the double break on the pads, even a narrow width goalie can still perform a butterfly technique with full closure. Without the additional break in the pad, there is a possibility that the hybrid goalie will leave a gap in their five hole because the pads will not wrap around enough and seal the five hole area. We felt at Goalies Plus that is is much better to have the double break and not need it then to need the double break and not have it. For a wide butterfly goalie that wants a CCM Extreme Flex pad, the single break would be the better option however it is our opinion that a greater majority of hybrid goalies prefer having a double break.

There are some very noticeable new features to the Extreme Flex E5.9 series on the front side of the pad. Starting with the new knee roll design, CCM has created a uniquely shaped molded knee roll utilize the new CONTROL Knee Roll technology.  This technology provides a better seal to the ice in the butterfly position while adding a level of rebound control in the knee area that is unique to the Extreme Flex E5.9 pad.  The core of the Extreme Flex E5.9 pad will use the DUAL1TECORE which is extremely lightweight and built to provide better lateral flex in the lower portion of the pad.  This core is known for the explosive rebound is creates when the puck rebounds of the shin area.  The boot area will have a 90 degree boot with the softer feel that most goalies prefer for quicker and easier recoveries from the butterfly position.  CCM will again use the popular Speedskin on the out layer of the E5.9 pads.  The Speedskin material is known for its enhanced slidability when the goalie is moving side to side – especially on bad ice surfaces.  The E5.9 pad will also come stock with a bungee style toe tie system.

Moving to the backside of the Extreme Flex E5.9 intermediate pads, you will notice the tight and deep fit that is obtained through the Quick Motion Strapping System (QMSS).  The QMSS system keeps the pad tight to the goalie leg which provides better feel and performance for the hybrid style goalie.  The knee and landing area of the Extreme Flex 5.9 pad will continue to use the 3D Grip/PE Foam with a raised inner edge stabilizer.  This knee design has been known for its excellent pad seal and stability with maximum impact absorption.  The knee cradle will also continue to use the same design as the previous generation Extreme Flex 4 series. The knee cradle will feature recessed foam with removable knee cradle wrap which will help seal the 5-hole in the butterfly technique.

The Special Edition E5.9 will come with 1inch thigh rises.  We felt this would help balance the need for a taller or smaller thigh rise across all sizes.

CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads Features:

Model Year: 2021

Graphic: Exclusive colorways to Goalies Plus

Backing Material: Goalies Plus choose to keep the entire backside material of the pad black to avoid colors bleeding or sweat stains.

Thigh Rise: All Special Edition Pads will come standard with a 1 inch thigh rise.

Double Break: The Special Edition Extreme Flex E5.9 will come with a double break on the outer roll below and above the knee.

Pad Face:  CONTROL Knee Rolls. Minimized knee rolls provide more predictable rebounds while maintaining flexibility.

Core Construction: DUAL1TECORE Technology + HD Core. Lightweight dual flex profile for quicker transition into butterfly.

Knee Blocker & Landing Area: Recessed foam with removable knee wing.

Knee Cradle: Deep Soft. Added mobility and feel between the skate and pad.

Strapping System: Deep, Tight Fit with QMSS. Responsive feel for optimal reactivity and connection with the leg.

Bungee Toe Tie:  The CCM Extreme Flex 5.9 intermediate goalie pad comes stock with a bungee toe tie system. For years manufactures have used a skate lace to connect the toe of the pad to the toe of the skate.  In recent years, after market bungee toe tie products have become very popular because they allow the toe of the pad to stretch from the toe of the skate with an elastic type effect.  This stretching and recoiling improves the recovery process and creates more power pushes for the goalie. This toe system also takes pressure off the goalies ankles, knees and hips because it eliminates the quick stop and jerk process that skate lace has when it runs out of slack.

Boot Flex: Deep 90-Degree with Torsional Flex and Bungee Toe String System. Enhanced connectivity and flexibility for power pushes.

Boot Channel: Deep Soft. Added mobility and feel between the skate and pad.

Outer Material: Speedskin for increase ease and speed in the butterfly slide technique.

CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove – Special Edition

New for 2021 is the Extreme Flex E5.9 Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove. The Extreme Flex 5.9 catch glove will still be a one piece cuff design but changes to the internal patterns allow this glove to open and close easier then past generations. The Extreme Flex E5.9 will continue to use the 600 break which is a middle of the hand closure.  The inner palm area will have have a layered pro felt palm.  The Extreme Flex E5.9 will have a wide double t pocket with a u-shaped base.  By utilizing a u-shape base in the pocket, there is less material interference and therefore much easier to open and close the glove. The Extreme Flex E5.9 will continue to use the popular Nash material in the inner palm and finger stall areas.

The back of the Extreme Flex E5.9 glove has new features for 2021.  CCM is introducing the FlexMotion Design which is a segmented hd molded foam in the back hand.  So what does that mean?  It means that the backside of the Extreme Flex E5.9 is more flexible then previous generations.  This was done without sacrificing any protection to the back of the hand.  By making the Extreme Flex 5.9 more flexible on the back of the hand combined with a wide and flexible wrist cuff, the E5.9 is a better performing glove in the puck catching and stick handling areas.

Speedskin: The outer material of the Extreme Flex E5.9 glove will use the Speedskin material.  Although the Speedskin is most noticeable on the leg pads because it reduces friction between the pads and the ice, it is also a very durable material,  By using the Speedskin on the E5.9 catch glove, it helps promote overall durability to the glove.

Palm:  This area of the Extreme Flex E5.9 glove is an upgrade over previous generation CCM Extreme Flex gloves. A new layered felt and foam technique used in the 5.9 glove gives it a natural feel and closure.  A common misconception of goalie gloves is that they are like baseball gloves and the outer material is how you break the glove in.  This is not true with a goalie glove as there is felt internally that protect the hand.  The thicker the felt, the harder to open and close the glove.  The thinner the glove, the easier to open and close the glove but shots will hurt – commonly called stingers.

Pocket:  Goalies Plus has changed the pocket lacing from a traditional cord string pocket to a skate lace pocket on the Special Edition Series.  Skate lace pockets are very common on custom orders and now it will come standard on our E5.9 Special Edition catch gloves.  The general opinion on skate lace pockets is that they are softer and therefore help reduce the amount of pop outs or drops while a goalie is in the catching technique.

Internal Strapping:  The internal strapping system will remain the same as previous generations.

CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove Features:

Model Year: 2021

Break Angle: 600

Pocket Lacing: Goalies Plus has changed the pocket from nylon strings to skate lace in the pocket.

Cuff & Thumb Design: One Piece. Redesigned cuff core for maximum coverage and enhanced closure.

Palm Stiffness: Game-Ready

Glove Backside: FlexMotion Design. Segmented Molded HD foam protection for optimal flexibility, and articulated cuff for added mobility.

Backhand Protection:  Raised-Foam Finger Padding. Enhanced flexibility and strong impact protection.

Pocket:  Double T With U-Shaped Base

Wrist Strap: Quick-Release Webbing Strap. Easy and secure adjustment

Outer Material: Speedskin

Inner Palm: Layered pro felt palm

Finger Stalls: Nash Material. Comfort feel and quicker release

Hand Terminology: Regular – Glove goes on the left hand.  Full Right – Glove goes on the right hand.

CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Intermediate Goalie Blocker – Special Edition

New for 2021 is the Extreme Flex E5.9 Intermediate Goalie Blocker. The Extreme Flex E5.9 intermediate blocker uses laminated dual-density foam with PE Board for explosive rebounds off the blocker face. The face of the E5.9 blocker is bindingless which gives this blocker the maximum surface coverage along with the best durability. The sidewall of the blocker has been segmented from the palm area which gives the goalie much better feel when holding the stick and stick handling.  The Extreme Flex E5.9 senior blocker has a centered palm position which makes for a well balanced feel, creating a more natural weight distribution for the goalie.

On the backside of the Extreme Flex E5.9 intermediate blocker, the FlexMotion cuff has been softened and opened further to allow for maximum wrist mobility. Wrist mobility is extremely important and will allow the goalie to stay in complete control whether it is driving a rebound into the corner or making a saucer pass (maybe even shooting at the empty net).  The finger protection of the Extreme Flex E5.9 blocker has full high density wrap around protection with the pointer finger being separated for extra finger flexibility.  With the pointer finger in this position, it is exposed to pucks riding up the stick and injuring the finger. The thumb area has a high density foam on the outside with a soft pillow separating the thumb from this outer area. We like this feature quite a bit, many blockers use a plastic molded outer thumb piece which makes the thumb flexibility to stiff. With the high density foam outer, the goalie will still have the protection needed but with a much greater range of motion. The material in the palm area of the Extreme Flex E5.9 blocker is made of Reinforced Nash. The Nash material provides excellent feel and durability.

Speedskin: The outer material of the Extreme Flex E5.9 intermediate blocker will use the Speedskin material. Although the Speedskin is most noticeable on the leg pads because it reduces friction between the pads and the ice, it is also a very durable material, By using the Speedskin on the Axis blocker on the bottom edge, it has been shown to be very effective on the paddle down technique (just like the pads, it reduces friction between the blocker edge and the ice). An overall advantage is the Speedskin has been proven as a very durable material.

Blocker Face:  Just like the leg pads, CCM is looking for an extremely active rebound off the face of the blocker.  A laminated dual density foam with a PE insert provides a much more active rebound off the face of the blocker compared to past Premier generations.

Palm: CCM will use a reinforced Nash material in the palm of the blocker.  Not only is this material very durable, it is also super comfortable.

Sidewall:  The E5.9 blocker will come with a very stiff sidewall.  With a soft sidewall, a shot can push right through the blocker and end up being a bad goal let in.

Finger Protection:  The Extreme Flex E5.9 blocker will have the full high density foam wrap around finger protection.

CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Intermediate Goalie Blocker Features:

Model Year: 2021

Custom Colors: Goalies Plus will be offering six custom colors on our Special Edition Extreme Flex 5.9 Blockers.

Sidewall Protection: Stiff Sidewall with Straight Finger Protection. High impact protection

Cuff Design: Adjustable FlexMotion Cuff. Amplified mobility with customizable fit and range of motion.

Palm: Reinforced Nash®. Optimized feel and durability

Finger Protection: High-Density Foam Wrap

Palm Position:  Centered Palm Position. Provides balance

Blocking Board:  Dual-Density Foam with PE Board. Thin profile design with maximum rebound control.

Hand Terminology: Regular – Blocker goes on the right hand.  Full Right – Blocker goes on the left hand.