CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Senior Goalie Blocker [Special Edition]

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CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Senior Goalie Blocker – Special Edition

New for 2021 is the Extreme Flex E5.9 Senior Goalie Blocker. The Extreme Flex 5.9 blocker uses laminated dual-density foam with PE Board for explosive rebounds off the blocker face. The face of the E5.9 blocker is bindingless which gives this blocker the maximum surface coverage along with the best durability. The sidewall of the blocker has been segmented from the palm area which gives the goalie much better feel when holding the stick and stick handling.  The Extreme Flex E5.9 senior blocker has a centered palm position which makes for a well balanced feel, creating a more natural weight distribution for the goalie.

On the backside of the Extreme Flex E5.9 blocker, the FlexMotion cuff has been softened and opened further to allow for maximum wrist mobility. Wrist mobility is extremely important and will allow the goalie to stay in complete control whether it is driving a rebound into the corner or making a saucer pass (maybe even shooting at the empty net).  The finger protection of the Extreme Flex E5.9 blocker has full high density wrap around protection with the pointer finger being separated for extra finger flexibility.  With the pointer finger in this position, it is exposed to pucks riding up the stick and injuring the finger. The thumb area has a high density foam on the outside with a soft pillow separating the thumb from this outer area. We like this feature quite a bit, many blockers use a plastic molded outer thumb piece which makes the thumb flexibility to stiff. With the high density foam outer, the goalie will still have the protection needed but with a much greater range of motion. The material in the palm area of the Extreme Flex E5.9 Blocker is made of Reinforced Nash. The Nash material provides excellent feel and durability.

Speedskin: The outer material of the Extreme Flex E5.9 senior blocker will use the Speedskin material. Although the Speedskin is most noticeable on the leg pads because it reduces friction between the pads and the ice, it is also a very durable material, By using the Speedskin on the Axis blocker on the bottom edge, it has been shown to be very effective on the paddle down technique (just like the pads, it reduces friction between the blocker edge and the ice). An overall advantage is the Speedskin has been proven as a very durable material.

Blocker Face:  Just like the leg pads, CCM is looking for an extremely active rebound off the face of the blocker.  A laminated dual density foam with a PE insert provides a much more active rebound off the face of the blocker compared to past Premier generations.

Palm: CCM will use a reinforced Nash material in the palm of the blocker.  Not only is this material very durable, it is also super comfortable.

Sidewall:  The E5.9 blocker will come with a very stiff sidewall.  With a soft sidewall, a shot can push right through the blocker and end up being a bad goal let in.

Finger Protection:  The Extreme Flex E5.9 blocker will have the full high density foam wrap around finger protection.

CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Senior Goalie Blocker Features:

Model Year: 2021

Custom Colors: Goalies Plus will be offering six custom colors on our Special Edition Extreme Flex 5.9 Blockers.

Sidewall Protection: Stiff Sidewall with Straight Finger Protection. High impact protection

Cuff Design: Adjustable FlexMotion Cuff. Amplified mobility with customizable fit and range of motion.

Palm: Reinforced Nash®. Optimized feel and durability

Finger Protection: High-Density Foam Wrap

Palm Position:  Centered Palm Position. Provides balance

Blocking Board:  Dual-Density Foam with PE Board. Thin profile design with maximum rebound control.

Perimeter Size: 45 Inches

Hand Terminology: Regular – Blocker goes on the right hand.  Full Right – Blocker goes on the left hand.