CCM Extreme Flex E3.5 Junior Goalie Blocker

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CCM Extreme Flex E3.5 Junior Goalie Blocker

New for 2017: the CCM Extreme Flex E3.5 Junior Goalie Blocker. Goalies Plus offers several different customization options in the E-Flex 3.5 series. Now, our customers can purchase CCM E-Flex 3.5 Blockers without having to upgrade to the expensive pro custom version.

CCM and Goalies Plus – Custom Graphics

A Carey price style graphic is featured on our CCM E-Flex 3.5 Goalie Blockers. This Carey Price graphic is also used by a majority of NHL, NCAA and Junior goalies in one form or another. Goalies Plus requested input from various goalies, all of which felt the Carey Price style graphic was cleaner. The Carey Price style also appeared more unified. Now, you don’t have to be a pro to look like a pro with our exclusive color schemes.

The CCM Extreme Flex E3.5 Junior Goalie Blocker is built for the Hybrid-style goalie. The Hybrid-style goalie uses speed and agility to make saves with varying techniques. The 3.5 blocker has a beveled bottom edge that helps seal the ice when the goalie goes into the paddle down technique. The blocker board has a slight contour that helps with wrist mobility. It also offers separation from the chest protector arms.

For a Hybrid-style or Coverage-style goalie, the most unique aspect of the CCM blockers surrounds the snug palm and finger stalls. The mesh finger gussets in this blocker give the flexibility needed to hold the stick properly. This offers the best performance for stick handling techniques.

Buying a Pro Blocker Vs. Mid Level Blocker

As we compare differences in gear levels, we explain whether you need to spend a little more or where you can save a few dollars.  A pro blocker is built with the highest level of material and developed with the utmost care in construction.  The palm is the one area that you generally see wear issues with a blocker.  For any goalies that use a lot of tape, particularly where the goalie holds the stick in their ready position, they are likely to see a lot of palm issues.  In contrast, goalies that do not use tape in this location do not see significant palm issues.

In addition, the materials used in the pro palm prevent premature wear in the binding area.  There are no added safety concerns between a pro level blocker and a high mid-level blocker.  If you need to spend your money wisely, the blocker is where we recommended going down a level to do so.  Even with a little extra wear, the price of a high mid-level blocker is almost half of a pro level blocker.

Is A Blocker Just A Blocker?

A blocker is not just “a blocker.”  Otherwise, the quality of workmanship in the goalie blockers wouldn’t vary significantly.   Hybrid goalies wouldn’t demand a wide open cuff, with more contour on the blocker board and a palm to maximize mobility and agility.  By contrast, a coverage style goalie wouldn’t insist on a flatter board with a tighter palm for a more secure and stiff feel.

The blocker’s weight is another key aspect to its performance.  The stick and blocker side of the goalie’s body carries more weight than the glove side.  As a result, goalies can find themselves “off-centered.”  A quality blocker reduces weight and works to equalize the goalie’s center of gravity and ease the ability to reach a “natural balance.”

The goalie’s ability to maneuver the blocker is critical to performance.  In recent years, a goalie must possess quality stick handling skills in order to meet the demands of the position.  Since the blocker hand is the dominant hand while stick handling, owning the right blocker is extremely important.