CCM Extreme Flex E3.9 (Double Break) Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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CCM Extreme Flex E3.9 Senior Goalie Leg Pads – Double Break

Goalies Plus has gone above and beyond to bring our customers several different specs and the opportunity to purchase CCM E-Flex goalie pads without having to upgrade to the expensive Pro Custom. Now, you can have Carey Price graphics, a Single or Double Break, and Custom Straps at the same price as the stock CCM Extreme Flex 3.9 Leg Pads.

CCM Extreme Flex E3.9 Senior Goalie Leg Pads: Carey Price

Goalies Plus offers the Carey Price style graphic on our E-Flex 3.9 goalie pads. This Carey Price graphic is also used by a majority of NHL, NCAA and Junior goalies in one form or another. This gives the pads a very symmetrical look. Goalies Plus requested input from various goalies, all of which felt the Carey Price style graphic was cleaner. The Carey Price style also appeared more unified. The E-Flex 3.9 is not a top-heavy pad, but the stock graphic makes the pad appear wider at the top and thinner at the bottom. With our custom Carey Price graphic, this 3.9 Leg Pad has a very clean and unified look from top to bottom.

Single Break vs. Double Break Series

Another set of key features on the E-Flex 3.9 gear was our choice to have a series of single break vertical roll pads and a series of double break vertical roll pads. We had each series built to different specs that we felt would help benefit that goalie best. The E-Flex 3.9 Single Break Series were all built with a +2 thigh rise. Since the goalie who would prefer to use a single break generally has a wider butterfly technique, the extra stiffness at the top of the pad from allows for an extra inch of thigh rise. This extra inch creates more net coverage for a wider butterfly style goalie however if the butterfly technique is not wide enough, it can actually create a bigger five hole issue.

For the reasons outlined above, Goalies Plus teamed with CCM to create a Double Break Series. The Double Break Series allows a goalie with a narrow butterfly technique the opportunity to fully close their five hole when in the butterfly position. A goalie with a narrower butterfly needs more flexibility to shut down their five hole. Consequently, Goalies Plus offers this E3.9 Pads series with a +1 thigh rise. A double break pad with a thigh rise that is too long can become too soft, allowing pucks to push through the pads. Therefore, the +1 gives the rigidity needed for the double break pads to seal the five hole. In this case, the five hole stays sealed when a shot tries to force through the sealed thigh rises in the butterfly position.

Single Calf Strap vs. Double Calf Strap

Goalies Plus’ CCM E3.9 Leg Pads feature the choice of a Single Calf Strap System vs. a Double Calf Strap. Our E3.9 Single Break Leg Pads use the single strap calf system. A Single Break goalie generally employs a wider butterfly technique and utilizes this technique frequently. Since the butterfly technique requires a lot of pad rotation, a Single Calf Strap System allows for maximal pad rotation.

In comparison, Goalies Plus’ CCM E3.9 Leg Pads feature the traditional Double Calf Strap System. Generally, a double break goalie has a narrower butterfly and/or uses more of a “hybrid” style. Hybrid style goalies often wear their pads a bit tighter than a coverage style goalie. The Double Calf Strap System on Double Break pads, offers a tighter fit to the legs. To ensure a high-quality fit, both styles feature two elastic straps at the knee cradle and behind the calf at the leg channel.

Speed Skin for Better Slides

Speed Skin Technology is CCM’s new external material for the E-Flex 3 pads and gloves.  For quicker, more explosive sliding, Speed Skin reduces friction between the pad and the ice.  In testing, Speed Skin performs better than Clarino and is just as durable.

Lightweight Strap System

CCM replaced the traditional cowhide leather straps with new, lightweight (and durable) nylon webbing straps.  These new straps weigh 10 to 12 percent lighter than cowhide straps.  Testing revealed that, aside from knee straps, a single top calf strap was the most important strap.  CCM’s new strap setup allows the CCM Extreme Flex E3.9 Senior Goalie Leg Pads – Double Break to properly rotate around the leg without any restriction from other straps.