CCM Extreme Flex E3.9 (2PC) Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove

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CCM Extreme Flex E3.9 Intermediate Goalie Glove – Two Piece Cuff

New for 2017: the CCM Extreme Flex E3.9 Intermediate Goalie Glove – Two Piece Cuff. Goalies Plus offers several different customization options in the E-Flex 3.9 series. Now our customers can purchase CCM E-Flex Catch Gloves without having to upgrade to the expensive pro custom version. The E-Flex 3.9 features the choice of a one piece cuff version or a two piece cuff version.

CCM E-Flex 3.9 Goalie Catch Gloves consist of a Double-T pocket.

A Carey price style graphic is featured on our CCM E-Flex 3.9 Goalie Catch Gloves. This Carey Price graphic is also used by a majority of NHL, NCAA and Junior goalies in one form or another. Goalies Plus requested input from various goalies, all of which felt the Carey Price style graphic was cleaner. The Carey Price style also appeared more unified. Now, you don’t have to be a pro to look like a pro with our exclusive color schemes.

CCM E-Flex 3.9 One Piece Cuff Vs. Two Piece Cuff

Goalies Plus is offering a one piece cuff and a two piece cuff on the CCM E-Flex 3.9 Goalie Catch Gloves. The one piece glove uses a large solid one piece plastic mold that extends from the top of the cuff down around the thumb. This gives the glove a stiff feel in the wrist area. Often, a goalie who frequently utilizes the butterfly technique prefers the extra stiffness that a one piece glove provides.

The two piece glove design consists of a segmented design with a mold at the cuff and a separate mold for the thumb area. This gives the glove a more flexible feel in the wrist area. A Hybrid-style goalie using a wide variety of save techniques often prefers the extra flexibility of a two piece cuff.

To compare goalie pad styles to gloves, the E-Flex 3.9 Single Break pad user would generally prefer the one piece cuff while the Double Break pad user would opt for the two piece glove.