CCM Extreme Flex E6.9 Senior Goalie Skates


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CCM Extreme Flex E6.9 Senior Goalie Skates

New for 2023, CCM has stepped their game up in a big way with the new EFlex E6.9 Goalie Skates.  In the past CCM skates have fit well – particularly the more recent one-piece boots.  However, they had a lagging technology in the blade department.  This issue was a flat blade profile versus a radius blade profile that other brands had adapted to.  The brands with a radiused profile allowed the goalie a greater range of movement and change of direction in the various goalie skating/save techniques.  However, with the new Eflex line in 2023, CCM now has a 10F27 profile which will create this range of movement.  The F27 will also provide a more aggressive, forward leaning position for the goalie. This will put the goalie to be on the balls of their feet and create a more natural aggressive stance.

CCM will continue to have a one-piece boot design on the Eflex skates.  The one-piece boot design allows for a truly customized fit – without paying for a custom skate.  Most skates have heat moldable ankles but lack any heat moldable ability in the front of the foot or the arch.  The one-piece boot can form around these areas.  We have found the one-piece boot extremely beneficial for goalies with arch issues.

Another item that we really like that is often overlooked is the footbed.  These skates will come standard with a high end Ortholite footbed.  Since goalies are the only player standing the entire length of the game, footbeds are extremely important for comfort.  Comfort then promotes performance.  Having a cheap footbed is an unseen negative repercussion to a goalie’s performance. We were happy to see a high-end foot bed in the new Eflex skates.

CCM Extreme Flex E6.9 Senior Goalie Skates Features:

  • Model Year: 2023
  • Quarter Package: Goalies get more direct energy transfer and a closer fit for more powerful movements.
  • Stiffness Performance Index: 170 – Lightweight, stiff, and thermoformable core for ultimate skating performance.
  • Tongue:  Felt Tongue with Molded Lace-Bite Protection -7mm felt with added foam for comfort and protection.
  • Liner – TotalDri Pro with Polygiende – High-performance moisture-wicking material keeps feet dry and skates light, with excellent protection against odor, wear or rubbing.
  • Boot Collar: Asymmetrical Flex Stance – Improved ankle mobility for the quickest movements with the least restriction.
  • Midsole: Lightweight Composite Midsole – For superior energy transfer from boot to blade.
  • Footbed: Molded CCM Ortholite – Ultra-lightweight comfort and superior support, using recycled EVA foam.
  • Holder: SPEEDBLADE XSG: CCM quick-release goalie holder with blade lock system.
  • Runner:  SPEEDBLADE XSG 10F27 – Provides a long-lasting edge for sustained performance with new 10F27 profile to encourage forward-leaning goalie stance.