CCM Insole – Custom Support Footbed

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CCM Insole – Custom Support Footbed

With full contact of the foot’s sole, the myofascial structure of the foot is fullly activated for greater reaction in the foot muscles for enhanced speed.

  • Top Layer – Breathable fabric allowing moisture to diffuse sweat in the middle layer.
  • Middle Layer – Freeflex memory foam absorbs moisture and reduces odor while adapting to every contour of the foot, improving fit.
  • Base Layer – CurEVA, a unique shock absorbing material providing optimum cushioning.
  • RDP System – Rivet Pressure Distribution optimizes forefoot comfort and reduces stress.

For great response and beneficial support for your hockey needs, consider CCM’s Custom Support Insoles.  Low, Medium and High Arch supports are available.  These universal footbeds provide superior speed, support, stability and power.  CCM teamed up with Currex, an industry-leader in high-performance insoles, to design a customizeable hockey-specific footbed that provides the highest performance and fit.

The game of hockey continues to evolve into a faster and faster game; player’s feet are feeling much more stress and abuse than ever. These Custom Support Insoles rely on the Dynamic Arch Cradle (D.A.C.)  This arch cradle shapes to the bottom of the foot in a way that evenly distributes stresses and weight.  This allows players to get the most power out of each and every stride.

The top layer is very breathable so that sweat diffuses into the middle layer of FreeFlex memory foam. This foam adapts in time for a personalized fit.  It also absorbs moisture and works to reduce nasty odors.