CCM Premier P2.5 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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The CCM Premier P2.5 Senior Goalie Leg Pads are a lower mid-level pad.  Recommended for 1 to 3 uses per week.

CCM Premier P2.5 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

New for 2018 is the CCM Premier P2.5 Goalie Leg Pads.  CCM Has made a lot of new changes for the 2018 Premier line.  The first major difference is the weight, although the Premier line has always been well received, it was very heavy by todays standards.  CCM has decreased the weight of the Premier line by more the 20% and now this series went from being one of the heaviest to one of the lightest pads on the goalie market today. CCM has also softened the boot on the Premier line which does help the goalie transition from the butterfly technique to the recovery position. The new Premier P2.5 pads has changed to a quick strapping system which allows the goalie to get dressed and undressed very quickly.  The quick strap system is made of elastic straps which allow the pads to be worn tighter the goalies leg without losing rotation.  With the traditional leather straps of previous generations, the straps need to be worn loose to allow the pad to rotate properly when the goalie went into the butterfly technique.  With the new elastic strap system, the pads can be worn tighter and still accomplish the same desired effect.  Another new feature for 2018 is one break on the vertical roll, this gives the pad a bit more flex then the previous generation but still keeps the thigh rise stiff and strong – which is need for wider butterfly style goalie.  The Premier pads were built to maximize coverage and one break is the most you would want on this style pad.  If you need a double break pad, then please look to the E-Flex line – if your butterfly is not wide enough to maximize coverage, then a maximum coverage pad is probably not for you.

There are many questions to the difference between the CCM Premier P2.9 and the P2.5 lines.  Basically this comes down to quality of materials.  Both are built on the same design patterns, identical in most ways.  The big difference is in the materials and how they will last.  Both pads will protect the goalie, so it is not like one pad is far superior protection wise then the other.  It will come down to use and durability.  If you are playing once or twice a week, the P2.5 or the P2.9 will be a good options for you.  If you are playing three, four, five times a week, the P2.9 is the better option in this scenario because the materials are better and are capable of taking more abuse.  The P2.5 would work in the second scenario however the pads will break down much quicker. It is important for the goalie to calculate their playing time when considering which pad is best to purchase.

The CCM Premier line is made for the “butterfly” of blocking style goalie.  Goalies that give up some movement in order to create more coverage are the types of goalies that choose this style of pads.

CCM Premier P2.5 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

  • Outer Flex – Single break for maximum coverage.
  • Inner Flex – Pre-curved with no break core for enhanced 5-hole closure.
  • Boot Angle – 60 degree angle to help direct pucks into the corner or boards.
  • Boot Channel – Shallow and soft for a faster transition into butterfly.
  • Leg Channel / Calf Strap Option – Loose fit without a calf strap. Lightweight setup with an optimized QMSS at calf for a quick response.
  • Knee Strap Option – No strap – 2″ elastic knee for a custom fit.
  • Senior Knee Cradle – Recessed foam with a removable knee cradle wrap (senior only). Soft foam without an outer knee wrap (junior only). Deeper knee cradle for enhanced 5-hole closure.
  • Knee Raiser – 3D Grip/PE foam (senior only) and Nylon/PE foam (junior only). Helps seal the pad to the ice.
  • Core – L1TECORE technology to help structural integrity. Offers powerful rebound control.

CCM Premier Series Pads vs. CCM E-Flex Series Pads

Understanding the differences in CCM goalie pads can be a huge advantage when purchasing new pads. CCM makes two very distinct lines of pads – the E-Flex and the Premier Series. The CCM E-Flex is made with the hybrid and athletic style goalie in mind. These pads have knee rolls and one break in the vertical roll to help promote more flexibility in the pad.  At Goalies Plus we even stock the E-Flex with a double break in the vertical roll for goalies with a very narrow butterfly technique (if you need a double break pad because of a narrow butterfly, the E-Flex pad is for you).  The E-Flex goalie pads are a softer all around pad that tends to move more with the goalies movements.  The top and bottom of the E-Flex Series have a lateral flex to the pads – meaning that the pad will have independent flex at the top, middle and bottom of the pad.  Again this allows for more flexibility so a hybrid or athletic style goalie can maximize their movements and athletic ability.

The CCM Premier goal pads are a flat faced pad made for the blocking style or “butterfly” style goalie. The Premier series pads have been around for years (formerly under the Reebok Premier name). The Premier pad is directed towards a goalie that likes to use the butterfly technique for a majority of their save selections and make themselves as big as possible. As far as a flat face style pad goes, the CCM Premier has been the number one choice of pro’s for more than a decade.  The characteristics of the Premier pad are very different from the E-Flex pads.  First this pad is made to maximize coverage and allows the goalie to make themselves as big as possible – particularly in the butterfly technique.  This pad has little to no lateral flex in the pad – if the top of the pad is twisting, then the middle and bottom of the pad are also twisting or moving (the entire pad tends to work as one solid unit).  This takes some movement away but is does create maximum coverage.  Generally the Premier comes with one or no breaks on the outer roll.  This is because the pad is to remain stiff to maximize coverage.  If you need a double break on a Premier pad – more then likely this is not the pad for you. The Premier pad is built to maximize coverage and a narrow butterfly technique does not allow the pad to maximize coverage therefore the main benefit of this pad would be eliminated.  However for the goalie looking to create maximum coverage, the Premier pad is ideal.