CCM Premier R1.5 Junior Goalie Blocker

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The CCM Premier R1.5 Junior Goalie Blocker is a low mid-level blocker. Recommended 1 to 3 uses per week.

CCM Premier R1.5 Junior Goalie Blocker

New for 2016 is the CCM Premier R1.5 Junior Goalie Blocker. The Premier series has been around for over a decade. Some people may not realize that CCM and Reebok were/are the same company. The Premier series has always been made under the Reebok name however starting in 2016, the Premier series will be under the CCM name. The R1.5 junior blocker is made for the younger goalie wanted the CCM coverage style features and performance. The new Premier series is now proportionately sized to fit a young goalie better then past models. This will help the goalie feel more balanced and have a better center of gravity. For a junior blocker, the CCM R1.5 has a lot of great palm features that make holding the stick and stick handling much easier. Added first finger hd foam helps protect against injuries to this finger – which is a very common place for a goalie to get hurt.

CCM Premier R1.5 Junior Goalie Blocker Features

  • Front Face: Binding less for increased durability
  • Cuff: Adjustable fit allows you to easily stick handle any puck
  • Palm Position: Centered palm position helps with the overall balance of the blocking board
  • Palm: Emboss synthetic hand grips helps to maintain a firm hold on the stick
  • Palm Guard: Reinforced hand for added durability
  • Palm Gusset: Ventilated mesh maximizes air-flow to promote freshness
  • Lock Thumb Protector: Injection molded thumb
  • Finger protectors: Low density foam first finger wrap for added protection
  • Blocking board: Laminated dual density foam with PE to help direct rebounds

Sizing Differences: Youth, Junior & Intermediate

Many parents do not understand the sizing terms used in goalie equipment. Youth, junior and intermediate are often confused as too which term goes with which age group. We will explain the differences to help eliminate any errors in the ordering process. Youth goalie gear is the smallest on the market. This is generally for your five year to eight year old goalies. Youth gear is generally less expensive and not made with high quality materials. Higher quality materials and foams at a youth level pose two issues. One; they are too stiff for a small goalie to move around and two; the goalie will outgrow the gear before they even break it in. Therefore it is ok to have lesser quality at the youth goalie gear age group. The junior goalie equipment is for the eight year to the twelve year old goalie. This again is not made with the highest quality materials. The quality is certainly better then the youth gaolie gear however the need for flexibility and movement outweighs the need for high end materials that will last several years. In the junior level gear, specs are more defined and equipment is made with performance in mind. Generally junior goalie equipment will have a lot of performance features that will be found in higher level gear. Lastly is the intermediate level goalie equipment. Intermediate gear is generally for eleven to fourteen year old goalies or even smaller adults. This gear generally uses higher density foams and higher quality materials. Goalies in this age group put a lot of wear and tear on their gear so manufactures need to build it accordingly. Everything about intermediate gear is made with higher level performance features and extra protection features. Players at this age group are playing faster and shooting harder therefore the goalie gear needs to be better as well.

Is A Blocker Just A Blocker?

Many times you will here the phrase – a blocker is just a blocker. What does this mean? Well if you took it literally, it would mean that all blockers are basically the same and it really doesn’t matter what blocker you are using. I know when I here this phrase it drives me crazy as goalie. Just like most things goalie these days, you have two styles of gear; a coverage style and a hybrid style. The hybrid goalie generally likes a more wide open cuff, more contour on the blocker board and a palm to maximize mobility and agility. The coverage style goalie likes a flatter board with a tighter palm for a more secure and stiff feel. Another key aspect of blockers is weight. It is important to realize that on the right side of the goalies body (for a regular handed goalie), the goalie is wearing a blocker and holding a stick. On the left side of the body the goalie only has a glove. This makes the goalies body off centered because of the weight difference and the goalie must counter act this difference to get a correct center of gravity. By reducing the weight of the blocker, you are reducing the difference in the center of gravity therefore making the goalie more naturally balanced. Another key aspect is stick handling. Goalies are getting better and better every year with stick handling. Since the level of training and coaching in goaltending has gone up so much in the past ten years, sometimes the difference between making a team and not making a team can be stick handling. Since the blocker hand is the dominant hand while stick handling, have the right blocker is extremely important.

Warranty Information

The consumer’s proof of purchase must accompany all claims. CCM reserves the right to repair or replace, at our option, any product determined to be defective. CCM will warrant products that have been repaired, provided the repairs were performed at its factory or at an authorized repair depot. If, in CCM’s determination, product failure is due to accident, abuse, negligence or abnormal use, the product will not be covered by this or any other warranty. This warranty is expressly declared to be given in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied on CCM’s part. No person is authorized to give an additional warranty in connection with the sale of CCM products. Professional, NHL, CHL, ECHL, USHL, AHL and university or college team sales are excluded from this warranty.

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