CCM Premier R1.5 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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A lower mid-level pad recommended for 1 to 3 uses per week

CCM Premier R1.5 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

Some people may know the CCM Premier line under the Reebok Premier name. CCM and Reebok have long been the same company, so this is the next generation of the Reebok Premier pad line. The CCM Premier R1.5 pad is built for the goalie looking to play big and maximize coverage, particularly in the butterfly technique. Most pads in this lower mid-level price range have difficulties achieving because the foams they use are simply to soft. We have found that CCM does a very nice job with the R1.5 pad keeping the face stiff enough to play this style. The R1.5 pad is basically identical to the R1.9 pad in design and play, difference being the materials they use – which in turn has an effect on how many times a week the pads should be used. For the coverage style goalie (butterfly style) playing a few times a week while still on a budget, we feel that the R1.5 goalie pad provides a solid option at a great price point.

CCM Premier R1.5 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

  • Outer Flex – No break for maximized coverage
  • Inner Flex – Pre-curved single break core helps with better closure of the 5-hole
  • Boot Angle – 60 degree boot angle helps in directing rebounds away.
  • Boot Channel – Shallow and soft, the boot channel helps with quick butterfly transitions
  • Leg Channel / Calf Strap Option – A lightweight set-up with one loose fitting calf strap helps to optimize quick responses, Junior pads offers two loose fitting calf straps.
  • Knee Strap Option – Single adjustable knee or below the knee for a custom fit on a stock pad
  • Senior Knee Cradle – SR: A recessed foam with no wrap helps to create a deeper knee cradle, translating to more help closing the 5-hole
  • Junior Knee Cradle – JR & YT: Soft foam outer knee wrap, translating to more help closing the 5-hole
  • Knee Raiser – PE foam helps to seal the pad to the ice
  • Core – New lightweight, thin-molded foam core offers a weight to balance ratio that helps with quicker transitions into butterfly
  • Thigh Protector – Legal thigh protector helps to protect the top of the knee from stingers

CCM E-Flex II Vs. CCM Premier

Understanding the differences in goalie pads can be a huge advantage when purchasing new pads. CCM makes two very distinct lines of pads. The CCM E-Flex II is made with the hybrid style goalie in mind. These pads have knee rolls and one break in the vertical roll to help promote more flexibility in the pad. The E-Flex II goal pad also has a softer boot, this help promote more flexibility in the lower leg and foot areas. The CCM Premier goal pads are a flat faced pad. The Premier series pads have been around for years (formerly under the Reebok name). These pad lend themselves more to a goalie that likes to use the butterfly technique for a majority of their save selections. As far as a flat face style pad goes, the CCM Premier has been the number one choice of pro’s for more than a decade.

High Mid-Level Goal Pads Vs. Lower Mid-Level Pads

Mid-level goalies leg pads can be broken down into a higher and lower level. The upper mid-level goalie pads resemble a pro pad very closely and have a high quality rating when it comes to the materials used. Although not entirely on par with a pro level goalie leg pad, the upper mid-level goal pad could easily be used by a upper echelon goalie who plays 3 to 5 days a week. For the most part the upper mid-level goalie pads will have a very similar feel to the pro goal pad. As for the lower mid-level goalie leg pads, the differences in foam and materials can be noticeable. These lower mid-level goal pads are generally in the $ 350 to $ 600 dollar price range. There are no safety issues or functional issues with this level pad, only a durability issue. These pads are meant to be used 1 to 3 times a week, anything more would cause the pad the break down quicker than anticipated. The lower mid-level goal pad is a great choice for the recreational goalie or the goalie who is in the midst of a growth period. Knowing the differences in the higher and lower mid-level goal pad enables the goalie to choose the product that is best for their individual needs.