CCM Premier R1.5 Youth Chest Protector


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CCM Premier R1.5 Youth Chest Protector

Youth is one-size fits most.

The CCM Premier R1.5 Goalie Chest Protector is a great choice for young goalies who want maximum coverage and protection without sacrificing mobility. Unlike the Extreme Flex Line, this Premier R1.5 features squared-off floating chest and arm pieces that were designed to maximize net coverage, keeping you square to the shooter while remaining comfortable on the arm. Throughout the majority of the chest protector, CCM used thick and protective PE Foam that do an excellent job of absorbing impact energy. The chest and stomach area were strategically segmented to allow for maximum mobility and a closer-to-the-body feel. On the back, CCM utilized a brand new adjustable fit system that allow goalies to custom fit their chest protectors to their liking. This is also a great feature for the growing goalies because it can quickly adjust to accommodate the mid-season growth spurts.

CCM Premier R1.5 Youth Chest Protector Features

  • Maximum coverage and protection
  • Comfortable arms
  • Thick and protective PE foam
  • New adjustable fit system with shoulder floaters