CCM Pro Senior Straight Bar Goalie Mask

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CCM Pro Senior Certified Straight Bar Goalie Mask

Elite-level goalie looking for a mask with both pro level design and protection.

CCM continues to dominate by revamping and improving on their previous goalie mask designs. The CCM Pro Senior Certified Straight Bar goalie mask is designed to be like the NHL shell, which includes improvements to increase vision, the liner and with a lighter shell. The shell, constructed of carbon fiber and Kevlar base, provides an incredibly light but extremely stiff shell. The Carbon-Tek Prolite shell has a carbon weave pattern to create the stiff shell and ultimately provide more protection from impacts. The Triple Density Pro VN liner now has strategic reinforcements with D3O material to provide the most comfortable foam system giving the goalie the best comfort and best protection. Continuing with the success of Velcro chin cup slider, the CCM Pro Senior Goalie Mask still has that fit system to give the goalie the ability to have a customized fit, eliminating negative space around the cheeks and chin.

The Certified Straight Bar cage shape has changed across the bridge of the nose, which will give the goalie improved vision when looking down low. The cage comes to a “point” across the bridge of the nose following the natural shape of the face to crate optimized peripheral and split vision during in game play.

CCM Pro Senior Certified Straight Bar Goalie Mask Features

  • Carbon-Tek Prolite shell
  • HECC & CSA Certified
  • Triple density Pro VN liner
  • D30 material providing the most comfortable foam system
  • Velcro chin cup slider
  • Small Size: 21.25in. to 22.50in.
  • Medium Size: 22in. to 23.25in.
  • Large Size: 22.50in. to 24in