CCM Pro Senior Goalie Pant

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CCM Pro Senior Goalie Pants

Moving forward from 2022 and beyond, CCM will have one line of pro goalie pants.  There will not be an Axis or Extreme Flex pro goalie pant moving forward – only what will be called Pro.

The CCM Pro Senior Goalie Pant is built to maximize size and add mobility by adding more stretch zones which allows the pant to be more mobile compared to past generations.  CCM uses their most advanced foam through the front and hips called D30 – which offers strong absorption in high impact areas. The new Max Flex and Flexmotion designs make this unit one of the most mobile pro goalie pants on the market today. The top portion of the CCM Pro Goalie Pant is designed to maximize kidney and spine coverage. The shape of the Pro thigh design is unique to CCM as it is contoured however creates better surface coverage then other styles on the market today.

Inside the CCM Pro Senior Goalie Pant is a pro spec internal belt system that helps keep the pant more securely fastened to your body and prevents that sloppy or baggy feeling. For goalies that do not like wearing suspenders, the internal belt helps keep the pant securely on the goalie’s waist. The outside of the goal pant consists of a durable 4200 high abrasive nylon which is more durable than traditional nylons. For the tall goalies, CCM implemented a 1″ length extension feature system that easily allows the pant to hang an inch longer, improving the coverage and flexibility tailored to you.  This is also great for a younger goalie who are still growing as the length extender basically gives you two sizes for the price of one pant.

CCM Pro Senior Goalie Pant Features:

  • Model Year: 2022
  • Max Fit Design: Built for maximum mobility while maintaining coverage area.
  • Length Extension: Hidden zipper that open and allows the pant to drop one inch in length.
  • Hip & Groin Protection: Flexmotion design with segmented 3D0 foams.
  • Outer Material: 4200 high abrasion nylon exterior for durability.  Added stretch zones for mobility.
  • Waist Design: Contoured fit with molded HD/LD foams.
  • Thigh Protection: Molded HD Foams with a segmented construction design.
  • Spine Protection: Molded EVA Foams with a segmented design for flexibility.
  • Sizing:
    • Small – Waist Size 28in. to 32in.
    • Medium – Waist Size 32in. to 36in.
    • Large – Waist Size 34in. to 38in.
    • XLarge – Waist Size 38in. to 42in.