CCM Pro Spec Goalie Chest & Arm Protector


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The CCM Pro Spec Chest Protector is a high-level chest protector. Recommended 5 to 7 uses per week.

CCM Pro Spec Goalie Chest & Arm Protector

Never available before at the retail level is the CCM Pro Spec Chest & Arm Protector.  A very popular choice for pro goalies, the Pro Spec chest protector is a tank.  The CCM Pro Spec combines max protection with max legal NHL sizing.  This chest protector is built for NHL caliber shots, it has added protection in the shoulder floaters, sternum and belly that is not available on CCM’s stock pro chest protectors.  A goalie wearing this chest protect can step in front of any shooter and know they have the best protection money can buy.

CCM Pro Spec Chest & Protector Features:

    • Model Year: 2024
    • Back: Air Tech Ventilation System – Optimal airflow and breathability.
    • Air Flow: Breathable Foams and Liner
    • Shoulder & Clavicle: Molded HD Foam with D3O
    • Shoulder Floaters: Tapered Segmented Design with HD Foam
    • Elbow: Independently Adjustable Elbow with Comfort Fit Cap
    • Ribs: Multi-Segmented HD Foam with Comfort Padding
    • Chest: Multi-Segmented Max Thickness HD/LD Foam
    • Biceps: Compression Molded HD Zote Foam with Added Padding