CCM Tacks AS1 Senior Goalie Skates

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CCM Tacks AS1 Senior Goalie Skates

The new CCM Tacks AS1 Senior Goalie Skates features a full one piece boot construction with a top-tier fit, incredible responsiveness and weight-reduction. The Dual Zone 360 technology allows for the perfect balance between range of motion and energy transfer by building the boot with a lot of stiffness in the bottom with a flexible upper. This adds more flexibility and comfort while providing the goalie better movement for better power pushes. The asymmetric flex stance contour is comprised of a lower cut boot collar, shaped and molded to allow the goalie to flex deep into the stance for a fast butterfly drop and to also benefit from extremely quick recovery and speed to power-push position. The attack profile holder is a new-age holder engineered with a minimalist design to provide goalies with a best in class angle of attack and significantly reduced weight, all while offering the protection they need. Inside the holder you will find the prolite G Black runners. These runners are a carbon treated steel runner that will hold an edge longer than normal stainless steel to keep your pushes strong late in the game.

D width is a regular width
EE width is a wide width

CCM Tacks AS1 Senior Goalie Skate Features

  • Dual Zone 360 Technology with one piece boot frame
  • Carbon composite material
  • Anatomical form fitting one piece boot frame
  • Speedcore 3 stiffness: super lightweight, rigid and thermo-formable core
  • Assymetic flex stance boot collar for flexible stance and fast recovery>
  • Durazone Abrasion Protection, high performance moisture-wicking material
  • Lightweight composite midsole
  • D30 comfort footbed
  • Prolite G Black high performance blade with oxide treatment
  • Attach profile holder with low rim design