Nash Skate Wrap – Foot Protector

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Nash Skate Wrap – Foot Protector

Get custom fit protection for your skate and feet with Nash’ pre-cut Lexan Skate Wraps.  Worn by NHL Pro’s, skate wraps mold to the shape of your skate to protect against injury and for added safety.  The Nash Skate wraps soften impact and redirect contact from the fastest moving pucks.

While other skate guards can interfere with skating or restrict movement, the Nash Skate wraps are hardly noticeable.  The Lexan material is super-light and won’t add excessive weight to your feet when in use.

  • Pre-cut skate guards;
  • Fully moldable design;
  • Built using clear Lexan;
  • Four (4) sizes available.

If you block shots or have any concerns over impact-based foot injuries, the Nash Skate Wraps are a “must-have.”

Sizing information (based on Senior/Men’s Skate size):

Small – Up to Size 5;
Medium – From 5.5 to 7.0;
Large – From 7.5 to 10.0;
X-Large – For 10.5 aand above.