Skate Gel Pad – Ankle [2 Pack]

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Skate Gel Pad – Ankle 2PK

Skate Gel Pad – Ankle 2PK

Some of the worst pain a goalie can have it is blisters on their feet. Because a goalie stands the entire game, any movement can be extremely painful. Goalies Plus sells a variety of gel packs to relieve the pain from these blisters. These gel packs are very easy to use and take away the friction and pressure from the foot caused by a centralized issue of the skate. Simply peel the backing off the gel pack and place in the area of the skate that is creating the issue. It is very common to have blisters or pain, everyone’s anatomy is different so a skate not be 100% perfect for every player.

Skate Gel Pad – Ankle Features

  • Gel Pads will relieve pressure off the ankles
  • Breaks in new skates, preventing blisters and chafing
  • Help increases circulation
  • Peel off adhesive film and hold firmly in place on skate tongue
  • Package of 2 gel packs