Sportmask Pro 2-F (Short Cage) Senior Goalie Mask

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Sportmask Pro 2-F (Short Cage) Senior Goalie Mask

The Sportmask Pro 2-F (Short Cage) Senior Goalie Mask is a semi-pro level mask.
Recommended 3 to 5 uses per week.

The Sportmask Pro 2-F is the same shell construction of the Sportmask X8 only in the Pro-2 shape.  This is a full fiberglass shell and does not have the carbon fiber or INNEGRA of the higher end Pro 2.  Goalies Plus wanted to offer a different shell shape to the extremely popular X8, therefore we introduced the Pro 2-F and VX5-F as price point options.  The Pro 2-F and VX5-F only come in one size and one color.  The Pro 2F and VX-5F masks also only come in the short cat eye cage version. These mask offer a higher end protection value compared to a polycarbonate (plastic) mask.  The fiberglass construction provides the kind of protection that we consider a much safer alternative to a polycarbonate mask.

Sportmask Pro 2-F (Short Cage) Senior Goalie Mask Features

  • 100% made in Canada
  • Cam Ward Mold
  • Hand laminated lightweight fiberglass shell
  • Aggressive forehead ridge design
  • Canadian made stainless steel cages
  • High impact padding
  • Adjustable 1 inch elastic straps
  • Pro back plate which is fully adjustable