Sportmask Pro 3 Senior Goalie Mask

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Sportmask Pro 3 Senior Goalie Mask

Goalies Plus is one of very few USA dealers for Sportmask goalie masks. Because all Sportmask masks are hand made in Canada and production is very limited, finding Sportmask goalie masks in the United States is difficult. Sportmask masks are 100% Canadian made and made with precise specifications and quality control. This is the reason why 2 time NHL Stanley Cup winner Jonathan Quick and Stanley Cup Champion Cam Ward Choose Sportmask over everything else! Sportmask believes to maximize performance you need to feel comfortable. The Pro Series 3 is all about both comfort and performance! Sportmask offers multiple options on a single model, which is something we believe will change the way you wear your mask. This mask is specifically designed for professional goaltenders (but if your not a professional and want professional quality – this is the mask for you)!

Sportmask Pro 3 Senior Goalie Mask Features

  • 100% made in Canada
  • Based on Jon Quicks Shell Shape
  • Center flatbar stainless cateye cage
  • Longer face opening, larger cage size (vertically)
  • Close fitting cage for better sightlines
  • Carbon Fibre composite shell construction
  • 2.4 lbs
  • Reinforced chin area
  • Pro Fit Backplate
  • 4 Point Elastic Harness