Sportmask X8 Goalie Mask [Junior]

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Sportmask X8 Junior Goalie Mask

The Sportmask X8 X-Small Goalie Mask is a high level junior mask. Recommended for A thru AAA travel level goalies.

Notice the X8 will no longer be called “junior” moving forward to 2018, they will be labelled Extra Small. Sportmask does not want to limit the name to ‘kids”.  Sportmask has worked with a few adults who fit into “junior” sizing – men and women (mostly women), therefore calling it “junior” implies its made for kids. Also the extra small is made to full strength, meaning it can be used all the way up to adult/professional level.  Sportmask has been doing this with all of their models and now want to include the Extra Small in this category.  Additionally all models use the same interior padding, so the Extra Small mask uses the same padding as what they use in Jonathan Quick’s mask.  Customers should know that their kids Sportmask has the same impact properties as what is in the NHL masks. It can be said that this is overkill, but we want to make sure parents or smaller adults can receive the best quality mask possible.
Get the mask that Stanley Cup Champions and Conn Smythe winners Jonathan Quick and Cam Ward use!

The shell construction of the X8 is made utilizing multiple layers of high quality fiberglass to create a shell that is very rigid and light weight. This rigid shell is lined with high-impact absorbing padding providing protection from severe forces helping to reduce concussions . Based on the success of the T3 Mask, Sportmask sought to design an affordable mask to blow away customer expectations!  The new X8 mask is largely based on the T3, at a more manageable price.

Sportmask X8 Extra Small Goalie Mask Features:

  • 100% made in Canada
  • New protection features for 2018 (Currently now available at Goalies Plus)
  • Junior, small adult or female sized
  • Same interior padding as Jonathan Quick
  • Pro protection in a smaller version
  • Hand laminated lightweight fiberglass shell
  • Aggressive forehead ridge design
  • Canadian made stainless steel cages
  • High impact padding
  • Adjustable 1 inch elastic straps
  • Pro back plate which is fully adjustable
  • Junior = X-Small – 20.25in. to 21.25in.