True Catalyst 7X3 Intermediate Pro Goalie Blocker


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True Catalyst 7X3 Intermediate Pro Goalie Blocker

The gear that goalies have been waiting for ever since True joined the goalie ranks two years ago – intermediate aged level gear.  Goalies Plus has gone all in on the new True 7X3 series with eight exclusive custom colors.

The True Catalyst 7X3 blocker uses high density foams in the blocker board which produces explosive rebounds, making it easier for goalies to clear rebounds away from the crease.  The face of the blocker is also binding less which gives the Catalyst 7X3 maximum surface area. The sidewall of the blocker has been segmented from the palm area which gives the goalie much better feel when holding the stick and stick handling.

On to the backside of the True Catalyst 7X3 blocker. The cuff area on the 7X3 has been segmented to allow for maximum wrist mobility.  Wrist mobility is extremely important for stick handling and passing.  The finger protection of the Catalyst 7X3 has full wrap around protection with the pointer finger being separated for extra finger flexibility.  The thumb area has a high-density foam on the outside with a soft pillow separating the thumb from this outer area.  We like this feature quite a bit, many blockers use a plastic molded outer thumb piece which makes the thumb flexibility to stiff.  With the high-density foam outer, the goalie will still have the protection needed but with a much greater range of motion.

Eight Exclusive Colors:

  • White, Black & Orange
  • Metallic Gold & Black
  • White, White, Navy Blue & Powder Blue
  • Black, White & Royal Blue
  • Sport Gold, White & Black
  • White, White, Black & Silver
  • Black & Red
  • All Black

True Catalyst 7X3 Intermediate Pro Goalie Blocker Features:

  • Model Year: 2023
  • Eight Exclusive Color Ways
  • Foams – High Density Board Foams For Explosive Rebounds
  • Face – Binding less Edges
  • Sidewall – Segmented For Greater Feel
  • Thumb Protection – High Density Foam W/ Soft Pillow
  • Finger Protection – Full Wrap Around Protection W/ Pointer Finger Separation
  • Cuff Opening – Segmented Cuff For Maximum Flexibility
  • Cuff Strapping – Adjustable Velcro Strap at Bottom of the Cuff (On the Wrist Bone Area)
  • Regular – Blocker Goes on the Right Hand
  • Full Right – Black Goes on the Left Hand