True HZRDUS PX4 Lefevre Pro Goalie Catch Glove


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True HZRDUS PX4 Lefevre Pro Goalie Catch Glove

True Hockey entered the goalie category in a big way in 2021.  True Hockey acquired the Lefevre goalie brand and for those that do not know the Lefevre name, here is a brief history.  Lefevre has been a mainstay in the goalie industry for five decades with goalies like Patrick Roy wearing the iconic brand (labeled as Lefevre) in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  Over the years the Lefevre name has been behind such brands as Koho, RBK, Reebok and CCM.  In 2021, True Hockey partnered with Lefevre which has led to a large number of goalies wearing True gear in the NHL.  Watch just about any NHL game and you have a pretty good chance of seeing an NHL goalie in the True gear.

The HXRDUS PX4 glove can be custom ordered in a variety of ways.  Starting with the break angle, a goalie can choose from a 600, 590 or 580 break.  The catching pocket also has three options to choose from: a Double T for more puck absorption, a Straight T for better puck feel and an Offset Single T for easier closure.  Goalies can also choose between nylon cord or skate lace for the catching pocket. On the backhand of the HZRDUS catch glove, the wrist strap has two options – a traditional webbing strap or a leather strap.  The HZRDUS catch glove can be ordered with a regular palm size or an intermediate palm size for smaller goalies (very often female goalies use the intermediate size).

The True/Lefevre gear is still hand made in Canada.

True HZRDUS PX4 Pro Goalie Catch Glove Features:

  • Model Year: 2024
  • Made In Canada in the Lefevre factory.
  • Game Ready
  • 580, 590, 600 Break Options
  • SureGrip Palm Liner
  • Straight Single T, Offset Single T or Double T Options
  • Skate Lace Pocket or Nylon Lace Options
  • Custom Orders: 50% Deposit – 50% Due on completion

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