True L87 Lefevre Pro Goalie Leg Pads


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True L87 Lefevre Pro Goalie Leg Pads

True Hockey has entered the goalie category in a big way for 2021.  True Hockey acquired the Lefevre goalie brand and for those that do not know the Lefevre name, here is a brief history.  Lefevre has been a mainstay in the goalie industry for five decades with goalies like Patrick Roy wearing the iconic brand (labeled as Lefevre) in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  Over the years the Lefevre name has been behind such brands as Koho, RBK, Reebok and CCM.  In 2021, True Hockey partnered with Lefevre which has led to a large number of goalies wearing True gear in the NHL.  Watch just about any NHL game and you have a pretty good chance of seeing an NHL goalie in the True gear.

The True/Lefevre gear is still hand made in Canada.

The L87 is the traditional hybrid style pad in the True lineup.  This set pays homage to the first Lefevre pads designed in 1987 featuring their innovative technologies and traditional logo design. This is a very lightweight pad with a thinned out with the top of the pad built with higher density foams for optimal seal on the ice. The shin area of the pad is build with a more traditional design which allows for more flex for the hybrid style goalie. The boot of the L87 has the 90 degree angle which again provides the flex in the boot that the hybrid goalie wants.

Single Break: Softer shin area which becomes increasingly stiffer in the upper portion of the pad is separated by the single break

Boot Strap: Removable leather strap

Inner Edge: Weave inner edge for increased slide-ability

Knee Area: Adjustable two inch elastic strap

Strapping System: Traditional

Bungee Toe Tie:  The True L20.1 pads comes stock with a bungee toe tie system. For years manufactures have used a skate lace to connect the toe of the pad to the toe of the skate.  In recent years, after market bungee toe tie products have become very popular because they allow the toe of the pad to stretch from the toe of the skate with an elastic type effect.  This stretching and recoiling improves the recovery process and creates more power pushes for the goalie. This toe system also takes pressure off the goalies ankles, knees and hips because it eliminates the quick stop and jerk process that skate lace has when it runs out of slack.

Boot Flex: 90 Degree Boot Flex

True L87 Pro Goalie Leg Pads Features:

  • Model Year: 2021
  • Made In Canada
  • Outer Flex – Single break for maximum coverage.
  • Inner Flex – Pre-curved with softer shin core and stiffer upper core
  • Outer Material – Weave material for increase ease and speed in the butterfly slide technique.
  • Boot Angle – 90 Degree angle creates flexibility for power pushes.
  • Inner strapping: Two traditional leather straps in calf area
  • Knee Strap Option – Removable 2″ elastic knee for a custom fit.
  • Boot Strap – Removable leather strap
  • Custom Orders: 50% Deposit – 50% Due on completion

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