Vaughn Vision 5500 Pro Goalie Catch Glove


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Vaughn 5500 Pro Goalie Catch Glove

The hidden gem of the Vaughn goalie catch glove line is the 5500 catch glove. For years the Vaughn 5500 was the most popular glove in the Vaughn stable, however is has not been offered for retail sales for many years.  At the pro and college levels, the 5500 remains a very popular option for the elite goalie that has availability to any model past or present.  The 5500 glove is very similar to the current Velocity V9 glove with the major difference being a long thumb mold.  This allows the glove to be larger north to south which many goalies like Tuuka Rask prefer (essentially making the goalies arm longet from shoulder to the end tip of the glove).  The 5500 is a heat moldable glove that responds great to dry heat when breaking the glove in.  We also choose to use a skate lace double t pocket on our version of the 5500 glove.  There is a reason why so many goalies still use the 5500 glove and now you can own one off the shelf or custom order to your teams color.

Vaughn 5500 Pro Goalie Catch Glove Features:

  • Complete new design and shape to maximize surface area
  • Made 100% in USA
  • Vintage graphic
  • Reinforced finger perimeter
  • New molded front thumb protection
  • Extended length and wider double bar T-web for deeper pocket and for puck control
  • Wide extended T-web top with support strips
  • Extended curved fingertip deflecting rail for extended coverage and protection
  • Tapered front cuff profile
  • Flared back cuff for increased wrist flex
  • Large 45″ perimeter size
  • Four-piece back hand padding for flex
  • Dual pull wrist strap for glove retention
  • Shaped grip rail on internal fingers
  • No binding cuff for increased blocking surface
  • Lightweight and balanced for feel and performance
  • Extra easy break-in design
  • Heat moldable for custom fit

Custom Order Your Vaughn Vision 5000 Goalie Glove at Goalies Plus!

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