Vaughn SLR2 Pro Carbon Composite Goalie Stick

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Vaughn SLR2 Pro Carbon Composite Goalie Stick

The team at Vaughn has been working hard at developing an extremely lightweight goalie stick that can compete with Bauer and CCM.  The SLR2 Pro Carbon composite is now that stick.  With a extremely light 18K carbon fiber weave, this stick comes in at 670 grams.  The carbon fiber is reinforced to eliminate the stick from flexing out or flimsy over time; in other words it maintains its strength over time which makes it a much more consistent stick over its life span.  For a goalie that is looking for a great alternative to the other big stick companies, the SLR2 is a great option.

Vaughn SLR2 Pro Carbon Composite Goalie Stick Features:

  • Full carbon fiber construction for extreme light weight
  • Pro-spec construction for optimal performance
  • 18k carbon weave to stiffness and puck deflection
  • V31 pro curve for good puck lift while shooting
  • Bias weave reinforced blade for improved stiffness
  • 670 grams for great feel and balance
  • Internal foam matrix material to reduce and dampen vibrations
  • Thin profile on paddle reduces weight and mass for improved balance
  • Rounded corners on paddle give superior grip and feel
  • Durable High modulus carbon fiber construction gives added strength for great durability
  • Available in standard and opposite curves
  • Matte finish Silver and Black main colors