Vaughn SLR4 Junior Goalie Leg Pads [Special Edition]


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Vaughn SLR4 Junior Goalie Leg Pads – Special Edition

New for 2024 is the fourth generation of the popular SLR line from Vaughn.  Goalies Plus will continue to provide our customer base with a Special Edition version of the SLR line. Our Vaughn SLR4 pads will have spec changes along with special colors unique to Goalies Plus.

Starting with our Special Edition specs, we have added a single break below the knee and a break in the vertical roll.  We feel this gives the SLR4 pad a great combination between a hybrid and butterfly style pad.  The break allows the pad to flex vertically around the goalie’s knee to provide a better s-shape when the goalie is in their butterfly position.  By doing this, a goalie with a narrower butterfly can still wear the SLR4 pad with complete butterfly seal in their five-hole.  Another great feature of the added break is the lateral flex it provides the goalie.  Lateral flex is essential to movement around the crease.  This is because it allows the pad to flex in a twisting motion.  By doing so the goalie can move more naturally without the pad binding the goalie up when they are skating or recovering from a save.  There are more than enough stiff pads on the market today, we felt it was important to offer something less forgiving. The added flex does not compromise the performance of the pad as it still incorporates the high-density foams that allow the pads to function at a high level.

Another spec change on our Special Edition version is a leather boot strap.  We felt that the elastic boot strap had two flaws based on our constant feedback.  Number one was the elastic boot strap doesn’t lock the pad in place the way goalies who prefer bootstraps would like.  There is no denying many goalies are going away from bootstraps, however the ones that still use them want the pad to be held firmly in place.  If you do not want a boot strap, you can simply cut the strap off with scissors.

There are also several new changes to the SLR4 pad for 2024.  Starting with the strapping system, Vaughn has changed the inner calf straps.  On the 2022 SLR3 model, there was only one inner strap at the top of the calf (control or professor strap).  On the 2024 SLR4 model, there is an inner strap above the calf area and a strap at the bottom of the calf.  Basically, the SLR4 will have two control/professor straps, and these are called the Quickchange Straps.  The Quickchange Straps can be positioned two ways.  One position is for a goalie that wants a tight fit. The straps are positioned on the very inner portion of the calf warps, The other position is for a goalie that likes a looser fit. For this the goalie will move the inner connections of the straps from inside of the calf warp to a position outside the calf wrap, thus creating a looser fit for the goalie.

Another new feature is the raised boot channel (tabletop).  This has become the norm in the goalie pad industry.  The raised boot eliminates the foot channel pads have traditionally had.  This allows the pad the sit entirely on the top of the goalie’s foot.  This makes pad rotation in and out of the butterfly position much easier.  It also makes the pad sit higher than previous SLR generations.  So please consider taking one inch off the overall size of the pad if you are going from an SLR3 to and SLR4.

Vaughn will continue to use the very popular Quick Slide material on the inner edge of the pads.  Quick Slide is universally considered the best sliding material on the goalie market today.

Goalies Plus Special Edition Colors:

  • Vintage Tan & Black
  • Red & Black
  • Royal Blue & Red
  • Black, Orange & White
  • White, Black & Sport Gold
  • All White & Black Trim

Vaughn SLR4 Junior Special Edition Leg Pads Features:

  • Model Year: 2024
  • Special Edition Spec: Six unique colors
  • Special Edition Spec: Single break vertical roll
  • Special Edition Spec: Leather boot strap
  • Pro-core internal structure provides for a stiffer structure
  • Balance stabilizer inside knee design
  • Solid outside roll with beveled puck deflecting shape
  • Flat inner edge with higher density foam
  • HD foam internal core front panel for superior performance
  • Flat front blocking surface with firm construction
  • Rebound positive construction for more active puck response
  • Flexible scoop with increased angle for increased mobility
  • Bungee cord toe attachment
  • Wide knee cradle with angled adjustable strap
  • Wider leg cradle design speeds pad rotation
  • Deeper inner knee side panel for added balance and coverage
  • Tapered outer edge on knee cradle for added pad rotation
  • Rotation control strapping
  • Top thigh rise creates increased blocking surface
  • Top thigh rise with thin side profile for tight seal in butterfly
  • Very light weight design with even weight distribution for improved pad control
  • Pre-shaped profile shape and structure for precision fit
  • Optimized for fast on ice slide with Quick-slide material edge
  • Standard plus 2 sizing