Vaughn SLR4 Pro Carbon Goalie Catch Glove


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Vaughn SLR4 Pro Carbon Goalie Catch Glove

New for 2024 is a redesigned SLR4 goalie catch glove.  Vaughn has now changed the break angles to a 60 degree or 70 degrees.  These are more commandingly referred to as a 580 or 590 break angle.  The glove has also been re-engineered to open and close better than previous generation SLR gloves.  Vaughn has also redistributed the weight within the SLR4 glove to glove it a much more balanced feel.

The SLR Pro Carbon glove will continue with a one-piece cuff design that adds rigidity to the blocking area of the glove.  On the back side of the cuff, Vaugh flared the glove design which allows for wrist mobility.  Vaughn also moved the padded wrist strap on the back of the hand closer to the hand which again allows for maximum wrist mobility.

In the palm area, the SLR4 has the additional raised foam called Shock Shield which allows the glove to be broken in more naturally while having a reinforced protection in the palm. Vaughn also uses a carbon fiber molded palm instead of a plastic molded palm on the SLR4 Pro Carbon glove.  Just like all high-end Vaughn catch gloves, the SLR4 is a heat moldable glove for maximum comfort and closure.

Also note that Vaughn has dropped the Ventus name, and this will be now known as SLR4 – not Ventus SLR4.

Vaughn SLR4 Pro Carbon Catch Glove Features:

  • Model Year: 2024
  • Domestically made in the USA
  • New design and style with wider more open shape
  • Even weight distribution provides lighter feel and quick action
  • 60º or 70º palm break option
  • No eyelets on perimeter
  • Shock shield foam in palm for increased hand impact protection
  • Pre-formed aggressive palm break
  • Glove base interior with antimicrobial treatment 
  • Carbon fiber molded palm 
  • Double layered reinforced finger perimeter edge
  • Wrist strap positioned closer to hand gives more wrist flex
  • Padded wrist strap for glove security and control
  • Large back thumb adds glove stiffness and support
  • Wide span T-web creates more open catching surface
  • Deep T-web expands catching surface area
  • Carbon reinforced T-web top for increased stability
  • Back hand padding with HD over fingers
  • Quick adjustable thumb loop strap
  • HD fingertip deflecting rail
  • Heat moldable for custom fit and quicker break-in
  • Full Pro construction with 45″ perimeter
  • Regular – Glove goes on left hand
  • Full Right – Glove goes on right hand