Vaughn SLR4 Youth Goalie Leg Pads [Special Edition]


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Vaughn SLR4 Youth Goalie Leg Pads – Special Edition

New for 2024 is the newest version of the popular Ventus SLR line from Vaughn.  Goalies Plus will provide our customer base another Special Edition version of the Ventus SLR line in youth sizes.  We will have six unique color patterns available.

The Vaughn SLR4 is called a Youth size by Vaughn, we feel that this pad is more of a hybrid of a youth and junior pad.  Compared to other youth goalie leg pads on the market today, the Vaughn SLR4 is a much higher quality.  This pad has a pre-molded s-shape which allows a goalie to maximize their butterfly coverage.  This is a true goalie leg pad, not just a piece of foam with a channel cut out for the legs. This series is built to a higher standard than many junior pads on the goalie market today.

The Youth SLR4 also has the Quick Slide material on the inside of the pad which is a huge upgrade compared to other traditional “youth” pads that are generally a nylon or a cheap synthetic leather.  Along with the quick slide material, the inner edge is made of a high-density foam which allows a young goalie to properly develop butterfly techniques.  Another reason we feel that this is a youth/junior goalie leg pad is the sizing.  The Vaughn SLR4 Youth pad comes in 22+2, 24+2 and 26+2 sizes.  The 26+2 is not generally a youth size, this is generally a junior size.

We have seen some parents have hesitation on the SLR youth line because of the +2 sizing in the thigh rise.  The pad itself is not a true +2 across the sizes.  The 22+2 has a smaller thigh rise than the 24+2 (and the same from the 24+2 to the 26+2).  So, when you are looking at the SLR4 Youth pad, please note that the +2 sizing is proportionate to the size of the pad and not a generic standard.

If you have a goalie that is in between youth and junior, the SLR4 is the perfect pad.  The Ventus SLR4 is also great for the parent looking for a high-end youth goalie pad as well.

Vaughn SLR4 Youth Special Edition Leg Pad Colors:

  • Vintage Tan & Black
  • Red & Black
  • White, Black & Sport Gold
  • Black, Orange & White
  • Royal Blue & Red
  • All White with Black Trim

Vaughn SLR4 Youth Special Edition Leg Pads Features:

  • Model Year: 2024
  • Special Edition Spec: Six unique colors schemes
  • New style and graphics
  • Internal foam core optimized for younger goaltenders
  • Full flat front blocking surface
  • Solid outside roll with beveled profile shape
  • Flat inner edge with higher density foam
  • Tall graphic has split front face and graphic stripes
  • Bungee cord toe attachment
  • Quick-slide inside edge material
  • Wide knee cradle with angled adjustable strap
  • Deeper inner knee side panel for added balance and coverage
  • Firm front pad surface for more active puck response
  • Tapered outer edge on knee cradle for added pad rotation
  • Rotation control strap
  • Very light weight with thinner side profile
  • Pre shaped pad structure for precision fit
  • Available in sizes 22+2″, 24+2″, 26+2″