Vaughn Velocity V10 Junior Goalie Equipment Combo – Special Edition


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Vaughn Velocity V10 Junior Goalie Leg Pads – Special Edition

The Vaughn Velocity is turning double digits this generation.  No other equipment line has had the lasting sustainability of the Velocity series. Building off the extremely popular Velocity V9, the new Velocity V10 makes some changes that will continue to improve the Velocity pads.  Staring with weight, the Velocity V10 has gotten lighter.  A thinner outside panel and lower profile vertical roll reduce bulk and allow the V10 to be the lightest Velocity pad ever.  The core of the Velocity V10 has also been stiffened a bit compared to the V9 core.  Vaughn had switched out some of the LD foams to HD foams to achieve a stiffer core without losing the classic Velocity feel.

For a junior pad, the Velocity series is one of the best built (if not the best built) junior goalie pad on the market.  The features of the junior pad rival that of the intermediate and pro pads.  The strapping system allows a young goalie or the parents of the goalie the ability to put the pads on and take off in a matter of seconds.  The width of the junior pads is 9.5 inches wide. This seems to be a perfect width for a junior goalie pad as it allows for the proper mobility while maximizing surface area proportionate to a young goalies height.

Probably the biggest change will be in sizing.  The Velocity V10 will have a flat boot channel.  Vaughn junior leg pads tended to run on the tall side of the spectrum in past Velocity generations.  The new boot will increase this as well.  There is not a uniformed way of measuring goalie pads in the hockey industry, so a 26in Vaughn pad is very different then a CCM or Bauer 26in. leg pad.  Please use our goalie pad sizing chart or call customer service with your ankle bone to middle of kneecap measurement to help with sizing questions.

The Vaughn Velocity V10 will continue to use the Quick Slide material on the inner edges and wear areas.  The Quick Slide material has been a huge success with many believing this is the best slide material in the goalie market today.  The Quick Slide material greatly increases side to side movement and makes bad third period ice feel like a fresh clean sheet of ice.

Goalies Plus Special Edition – A few spec changes that we have on the Special Edition gear.  First is a leather boot strap vs. the elastic boot strap.  We feel that goalies that use a boot strap want that strap to anchor the pad onto the heal.  An elastic boot strap allows the pad to float more than this type of goalie wants.  If a goalie wants the pad to float more at the ankle area, then having no boot strap is a better way to go.  In that situation, a goalie can easily cut off the boot strap and eliminate it all together.

For 2023, we choose to go with the single break instead of the double break.  We still love the double break but since we also have the Velocity Iceberg Series which is a double-break pad, it seemed redundant to have two Velocity pads that are nearly identical with the exact same features on them.  If you would like a double-break pad, please go see our 2023 Velocity Iceberg Series.

Also, for 2023, Goalies Plus will be offering seven custom color ways exclusive to our store:

  • Black, Red & White
  • White, Powder Blue & Black
  • White & Navy Blue
  • White, Metallic Gold & Black
  • White, Orange & Black
  • All White
  • All Black

Vaughn Velocity V10 Junior Goalie Leg Pads Features:

  • Model Year: 2023
  • Exclusive colors at Goalies Plus
  • 9.5 Inch width
  • Firm front surface gives more active rebound
  • Quick-slide material on inner pad edge
  • Bottom trim with quick slide material
  • Wide inner leg cradle with wider shape
  • Extended back leg coverage
  • Lower profile outside roll with single break style
  • Plus 2″ thigh rise with square shaped inside edge
  • Thinner outside panel profile for less bulk
  • Pre-curved shape for precise shape
  • Inner knee cradle pad is adjustable
  • Two-way adjustable knee cradle strap
  • Wider inner knee landing surface
  • Three knee roll design
  • Inner core with rebound active design
  • Scoop bend with easier flex
  • Outer knee cradle pad is adjustable or removable
  • Reinforced instep over skate
  • Flat profile instep for quicker pad rotation
  • Available in sizes 26+2″, 28+2″

Vaughn Velocity V10 Junior Goalie Catch Glove – Special Edition

New for 2023 is the Vaughn Velocity V10 Junior Catch Glove. The design of the Velocity V10 Junior glove keeps the traditional 60 degree.

Vaughn has made a huge emphasis on the Velocity V10 to be game ready off the shelf – especially at the junior and youth levels.  We noticed this right away when we received these gloves.  These gloves have a game ready feel right out of the bag that open and close with easy.  We have noticed kids have had a much easier time opening and closing this off the shelf compared to other junior catch gloves.

Some notable changes for 2023 include the one-piece thumb.  The Velocity has generally been a two-piece thumb/cuff design.  The Velocity V10 will only come with the one-piece design. This allows the goalie to have maximum surface area while maintaining wrist flexibility.  The wrist flexibility is popular among goalies who stick handle with the pocket of the glove in a downward position. In this downward position the goalie needs a good bit of wrist movement to be able to properly play the puck. The Velocity V10 glove will use a wider and deeper split T with a U-shaped pocket in the V10 catch glove.  At the base of the pocket there is a single t that splits into a double T the higher it goes in the pocket. The U-shaped design with the single T at the base allows the glove much more flexibility than a traditional glove with a double T going the entire way to the base of the pocket. As the pocket transitions from the single T at the base to the double T in the pocket, the glove becomes very soft and deep in the main catching area of the glove.  The Velocity V10 Pro glove can be heat molded for a customized fit.

Vaughn will keep the thumb angle which is extremely popular among pro and college goalies.  This angle is closely related to the 5500 glove and the first generation V1 glove (commonly referred to as the Kipper Spec).  This angle has a more natural feel when closing the glove and seems to give better closure by changing the angle. The thumb mold on the Velocity V10 has been lengthen by a bit which again is more similar to the popular 5500 gloves. The overall profile of the glove has been thinned out which allows for greater flexibility off the shelf without compromising protection by adding extra padding on the inner palm.

Vaughn Velocity V10 Junior Goalie Catch Glove Features:

  • Model Year: 2023
  • New V10 style and performance
  • One-piece cuff and thumb
  • Defined break point for easy closing
  • Thick padding over back impact area of fingers
  • Finger tip deflecting rail with HD foams
  • 39″ perimeter measurement
  • Wide span T-web top
  • Easy closure for smaller hands
  • Inner hand strap for retention and control
  • Front cuff has no binding to maximize blocking surface
  • Full wrist strap allows tighter adjustment for glove control
  • Regular – Glove goes on the left hand
  • Full Right – Glove goes on the right hand

Vaughn Velocity V10 Junior Goalie Blocker – Special Edition

The Velocity V10 junior goalie blocker is based on the popular Velocity V9 blocker with a few updates.  Vaughn has widened the cuff the of the Velocity V10 Blocker to allow for great wrist mobility.  A higher hand position will allow for more net coverage as it allows the bottom of the blocker to extend longer than previous generation Velocity blockers.

The Velocity V10 blocker also got rid of the contoured side wall of the V9 and replaced it with a flat side wall.  The flat side wall provides more net coverage if a goalie turns their blocker hand over while making a save.

The finger area provides an index finger trigger design which helps the goalie control the paddle of the goalie stick more effectively when they are in their ready position. The thumb of the Velocity V10 is a molded design which ensures the thumb protection does not lose it shape over time.

Vaughn Velocity V10 Junior Goalie Blocker Features:

  • Model Year: 2023
  • New V10 graphics for distinctive look and appeal
  • Deep board top bend for puck deflection
  • Palm with index trigger design
  • Side finger protector
  • Large index side finger protection
  • Palm design for improved fit and comfort
  • High-density foam for increased protection and performance
  • Side shield with HD foam for stability
  • Floating cuff design increases wrist movement
  • Side index floating pad
  • Regular – Blocker goes on the right hand
  • Full Right – Blocker goes on the left hand