Vaughn Velocity V10 Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Leg Pads


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Vaughn Velocity V10 Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Leg Pads

The Vaughn Velocity is turning double digits this generation.  No other equipment line has had the lasting sustainability of the Velocity series. Building off the extremely popular Velocity V9, the new Velocity V10 makes some changes that will continue to improve the Velocity pads.  Staring with weight, the Velocity V10 has gotten lighter.  A thinner outside panel and lower profile vertical roll reduce bulk and allow the V10 to be the lightest Velocity pad ever.  The core of the Velocity V10 has also been stiffened a bit compared to the V9 core.  Vaughn had switched out some of the LD foams to HD foams to achieve a stiffer core without losing the classic Velocity feel.

A new feature on the Velocity V10 pad is the knee landing area which is integrated into the core of the pad.  Goalies who have used the V10 feel that this gives the Velocity V10 a much more responsive feel compared to past generations.

The strapping system of the Velocity V10 has been changed as well from the V9.  The RRC strapping system has been thinned out to help eliminate any interference between the straps.  There is also a new inner and outer option to lock into the shin area.  The new inner option really locks the shin into the pad for goalies that want that tight fit.  The traditional outer option will remain for goalies that liked the feel of the Velocity V9 shin area.  The coverage around the back of the legs has also been extended.

Probably the biggest change will be in sizing.  The Velocity V10 will have a flat boot channel.  The flat boot channel raises the entire pad up so therefore goalies may notice they are in a different size compared to the Velocity V9.

The Vaughn Velocity V10 will continue to use the Quick Slide material on the inner edges and wear areas.  The Quick Slide material has been a huge success with many believing this is the best slide material in the goalie market today.  The Quick Slide material greatly increases side to side movement and makes bad third period ice feel like a fresh clean sheet of ice.

The bungee toe ties are also different for 2023.  Gone are the plastic clip attachment toe ties which have been replaced by the more popular Velcro bungee attachment.

The Vaughn V10 Pro Carbon Goalie Leg pads are pro level pads, made for 5 to 7 uses per week.

Vaughn Velocity V10 Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Leg Pads Features:

  • Model Year: 2023
  • Made domestically in the USA
  • Firm internal core with HD side rails for greater pad stability
  • Quick-slide material on inner pad edge
  • Easy flex lower scoop design
  • Integrated knee landing pad attached to inner core for immediate pad response
  • Extended back leg coverage
  • Lower profile outside roll with single break style
  • Plus 2″ thigh-rise with square shaped inside edge
  • Thinner outside panel profile for less bulk
  • Pre-curved shape for precise shape
  • Two-way adjustable knee cradle strap
  • Knee cradle center for quick pad rotation and control
  • Wider inner knee landing surface
  • Three knee roll design with flat knee rolls
  • Inner foam core with carbon surface reinforcement
  • Pad shape maximizes full width top to bottom full 11″ width
  • Outer knee cradle pad is adjustable or removable
  • Reinforced instep with flat profile to facilitate skate movement during pad rotation
  • Fully custom made with many options

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