Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Int Chest & Arm Protector

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The Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Intermediate Chest & Arm Protector is recommended for A thru AAA travel hockey levels.

Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Intermediate Chest & Arm Protector

New for 2016 is the Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Intermediate Carbon Chest & Arm Protector. Vaughn chest protectors account for 50% of all chest protectors worn in the NHL. The Velocity V7 XF intermediate series is built for the young hybrid style goalie that wants to maximize flexibility and speed with various save techniques. The arms on the XF intermediate chest protector are adjustable which is important at this age group which is growing quickly. The high density hd chest blocks and reinforced sternum plate gives the goalie the protection they need against high level competition. The shoulder floaters on the XF int chest protector contour around the goalie in a very natural manner allowing for the maximum amount of flexibility. For a young teen/adult goalie, getting a good chest protector is very important in our opinion. Vaughn is one of the top if not the top manufactures of chest protectors in the goalie industry today and they seem to have a very good grasp on the intermediate age group. If you are looking for a chest protector in this age group, Vaughn should be high on the consideration list.

Chest Protector Style – Athletic Hybrid Style

Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Intermediate Chest & Arm Protector Features

  • Large shoulder floaters with Velocity V7 graphic
  • Shoulder caps with lower extension
  • Segmented pro shoulder floaters
  • Chest pad with full side extensions
  • Outer edge bicep side extension
  • Side buckle covers increase protection
  • Large spine protector with HD foam insert
  • Sternum plate with Carbon fiber insert
  • Adjustable elbow pads and arm straps
  • Lower chest pad belly flap
  • Arm floaters with solid HD protection
  • Adjustable wrist straps
  • Lower chest pad flex pad

Athletic Style (Hybrid) Vs. Blocking Style (Coverage) Chest Protectors

There are two basic designs in the goalie market in regards to chest protectors. These are based on the two types of styles that goalies play – hybrid and coverage. The hybrid goalie needs a more athletic style chest protector that allows him/her to move freely and maximize their agility. These units contour around the body with little to no gaps. The shoulder floaters are also smaller and form around the goalie in a more natural manner. Arms and elbow guards move freely and do not bind up, allowing for maximum mobility. The big upside to having an athletic style chest protector is the movement and freedom these provide. The downside to the athletic style chest is a decrease in size and materials. Now we are not saying they are not protective because most chest protectors are built to a very high standard and are have great protection qualities. However to make something move better you have to take something away and by doing this there will obviously be less material. We can say honestly that athletic chest protectors are extremely protective and the added materials in the blocking style are more about taking up space then adding protection.

The blocking style chest protectors are built for the coverage goalies that like to play big and take up as much space in the net as possible. The shoulder floaters are much wider and usually have multiple layers. The arm and elbow guards are also flared wider to take up as much space as possible. The blocking style chest protector tends to have more gaps and extra space on the goalies body because of the extra size. The upside to the blocking style chest protectors is the extra space it takes up. These chest protectors can easily make the shoulder width of a goalie four to six inches wider compared to an athletic style chest protector. Also, since the arms and elbow are bigger, there are less gaps for the puck to squeeze between the goalies body and arms. The downside to these blocking style units is the lack of movement. Because of the extra bulk, movement can be compromised. You can’t have the best of both worlds, if you make it bigger it will take away mobility.

Sizing Differences: Youth, Junior & Intermediate

Many parents do not understand the sizing terms used in goalie equipment. Youth, junior and intermediate are often confused as too which term goes with which age group. We will explain the differences to help eliminate any errors in the ordering process. Youth goalie gear is the smallest on the market. This is generally for your five year to eight year old goalies. Youth gear is generally less expensive and not made with high quality materials. Higher quality materials and foams at a youth level pose two issues. One; they are too stiff for a small goalie to move around and two; the goalie will outgrow the gear before they even break it in. Therefore it is ok to have lesser quality at the youth goalie gear age group. The junior goalie equipment is for the eight year to the twelve year old goalie. This again is not made with the highest quality materials. The quality is certainly better then the youth gaolie gear however the need for flexibility and movement outweighs the need for high end materials that will last several years. In the junior level gear, specs are more defined and equipment is made with performance in mind. Generally junior goalie equipment will have a lot of performance features that will be found in higher level gear. Lastly is the intermediate level goalie equipment. Intermediate gear is generally for eleven to fourteen year old goalies or even smaller adults. This gear generally uses higher density foams and higher quality materials. Goalies in this age group put a lot of wear and tear on their gear so manufactures need to build it accordingly. Everything about intermediate gear is made with higher level performance features and extra protection features. Players at this age group are playing faster and shooting harder therefore the goalie gear needs to be better as well.

Warranty Information

Any products that require repair under warranty should be returned through the retailer that the product was purchased from. We (Vaughn) believe in the importance of satisfying our customers by manufacturing quality products. We (Vaughn), however, must be the sole judge in the matter of returns under warranty and we must have the product in hand to make an appropriate determination.