Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Pro Goalie Pant

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The Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Pro Goalie Pant is a pro level pant. Recommended for 4 to 6 uses per week.

Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Pro Goalie Pant

The Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Pro Carbon Goalie Pant is the pro level goalie pant. Worn by over 50% of the NHL, Vaughn is the top name in pro goalie pants. There can be some confusion between the Vaughn XF Pro Carbon and Vaughn XF Pro Goalie Pants. The XF Pro Carbon is the domestic made pro goalie pant and the XF Pro is the offshore pro goalie pant. They are both pro level pants and have 90% the same materials, the main difference being the XF Pro Carbon has carbon fiber inserts in the tail bone and hip pointer areas. Flexibility, comfort and protection is the foundation of the XF Pro goal pant. The XF Pro uses high density foams and is the Velocity design that has been a top seller for over a decade. For a goalie looking for pro quality pants but does not need all the “extras”, the XF Pro Goal pant is a top rated choice.

Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Pro Goalie Pant Features

  • Large cut for comfortable fit and added pant flex
  • Large thigh guards maximize pant protection and net coverage
  • Inner thigh HD blocks with internal support padding
  • Adjustable belt with double pull front adjustment
  • Full stretch crotch and inner leg panels add to pant flexibility
  • Extended tail bone protection
  • New Black/Silver sport mesh internal lining for comfort and quick drying
  • Full goalie cut to maximize body core flexibility
  • Large side groin pads with flex seams
  • Contoured front waist section with segmented waist band

Pant/Chest Protector Combinations – Tucked In vs. Over The Pant

Tucked In – Some goalies prefer to tuck his or her chest protector into their goalie pant. When using this method, the suspenders will need to be worn over the chest protector. You will notice a little tab on the lower middle center portion of the chest protector. This tab will allow the goalie who tucks their chest protector in the ability to tie it into the pant. You can either use the pant belt to run through the tab or use skate lace string to tie it onto the chest protector. This keeps the chest protector from pulling out of the pant and becoming uncomfortable and out of position during play. Most goalies who use the tucked in method generally like to buy their pants one size to big for the extra room needed.

Over The Pant – Some goalies prefer to place the chest protector over the pant. When using this method, the suspenders will need to be worn under the chest protector. Although there is nothing wrong with this method and it is quite common, there is one problem with the over the pant method. Since the chest protector does not sit flush on the goalies stomach in this method, an air pocket is created. In the event of a very hard shot to this area, the air pocket gap closes very quickly and can cause bruising or the feeling of having the wind knocked out of you.

Sizing A Goalie Pant

Goalie pants can be a difficult item to size because many people do not understand how a goalie pant should truly fit. Goalie pants; unlike player pants should be worn loose. Even though all goalie pants come with waist belts, these generally are not enough to keep goalie pants from falling down. Suspenders should be used to keep the pant at the desired level on the goalies waist and knee. Pants should hang approximately to the top of the goalies knee cap. A big mistake made when buying goalie pants is thinking the pants should be worn like everyday shorts or player pants. Because of the flexibility needed to play the goalie position, there is a need for the pants to be at least somewhat big. This does not mean they should look like a clown pant on the goalie but they should not fit tight around the waist either. Once a goalie goes into his or her stance, a tight pant will become uncomfortable and may be restrictive. Goalie pants have been a big topic of debate because NHL goalies do generally wear their pants three to four sizes to big. The reason for doing this is to take up coverage space in the net. Goalie pants are one of the last items goalies can wear oversized – however this may change very soon.

Warranty Information

Any products that require repair under warranty should be returned through the retailer that the product was purchased from. We (Vaughn) believe in the importance of satisfying our customers by manufacturing quality products. We (Vaughn), however, must be the sole judge in the matter of returns under warranty and we must have the product in hand to make an appropriate determination.