Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Youth Goalie Leg Pads

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The Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Youth Goalie Leg Pads are recommended for Rec thru A Travel Hockey Levels.

Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Youth Goalie Leg Pads

New for 2016 is the Velocity V7 XF Youth goalie leg pads. Designed with performance in mind, the Vaughn XF youth pad is built like a real goalie pad. Some manufactures make their youth pads out of cheap foams that are solid one piece pads with the center cut out for a leg channel. Not the XF youth pad, this pad has many great features that can be seen across the entire Vaughn Velocity line. The XF pad has a true knee cradle and leg channel with a nylon material that allows the pad to rotate in the butterfly position. The pad is also pre molded so it has the true shape of a larger scale goalie pad. The use of one leather boot strap and four quick clip buckles make this pad a snap for parents to put on and take off. A lightweight design gives a young goalie the opportunity to move freely without being worn out by the weight of the pad. Since Vaughn is a custom goalie equipment specialist, it is only expected they would supply one of the top youth pads in the goalie market.

Vaughn Velocity V7 XF Pads Features

  • Pre-shaped with S-curve shape for fit and flex
  • Flex-core internal structure
  • Knee cradle with elastic and Velcro strap
  • Flat profile knee rolls
  • Laced in thigh guard
  • Sectioned outside roll for easy flexibility
  • Tie on toe lace
  • Full inside leg and knee padding
  • Screen print graphic
  • Available in sizes 20+2″, 22+2″, 24+2″, 26+2″

Choosing The Correct Junior Goalie Leg Pads

Parents have a difficult job when purchasing new goalie pads for a younger goalie. They want to get the best gear they can to help their child fulfill their potential. They also don’t want gear that the goalie will grow out of right away. Finding that balance can be very difficult, however the goalie manufactures do a very nice job keeping most youth, junior and intermediate goalie pads on par with each other price wise and generally quality wise. You will not see wildly different price ranges in these three younger categories. The decision of what goalie pad to buy really comes down to what type of goalie they are and their particular style of play. Most hybrid goalies – meaning goalies that tend to make saves with several different methods and techniques generally like goalie pads with extra breaks and knee rolls on the face of the pad. This allows the pad to be more flexible and move with the goalie easier in these different motions. Most butterfly oriented goalies tend to like flat face pads which tend to be more stiff and help utilize the butterfly technique. Although the butterfly is not a style of play but rather a technique, goalies are generally categorized as a butterfly goalie if they use this method on the majority of saves they make. These simple suggestions can go a long way in determining what type of pad to purchase for a young goalie.

Warranty Information

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