Vaughn Velocity V9 Junior Goalie Pant

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Vaughn Velocity V9 Junior Goalie Pant

Please be aware that the Velocity V9 junior goal pant fits to actual waist size and is a much smaller compared to the SLR2 junior goal pant.  We consider the Velocity V9 a true junior goalie pant while the SLR2 fits very large for a junior size.

Vaughn Velocity V9 Junior Goalie Pant Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • New V9 style
  • Taper fit waist
  • Taller front waist section with HD inserts
  • Wider at hips for added room
  • Padded external belt adds protection
  • New wider crotch stretch material
  • Large segmented tail bone padding
  • Flared waist section for easier torso movement
  • Inner thigh padding increases protection
  • Aero-Spacer mesh lining for comfort and ventilation
  • Molded hip padding with added cushion pads
  • Black color only
  • Available in sizes. S/M (20-24), M/L (24-28).
    • Measured by actual wait size