Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Carbon Goalie Leg Pads [Pro Return Jeremy Smith]

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Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Carbon Goalie Leg Pads – Pro Return Jeremy Smith

The new Vaughn Velocity V9 goalie leg pads are not your parents Velocity leg pads, they are a highly technical goal pad with the newest technology on the market today.  Some may look at the series number V9, meaning this is the ninth installment of the Velocity series and think this is just the same old pad with a new graphic.  In some years that may have had some validity but not the Velocity V9, this pad is pushing the envelope of technology.  Starting with a whole new Carbon Core, the Velocity V9 now has a carbon infused foam that is unique to Vaughn Custom Sports.  This Carbon Core makes the pad extremely light and provides a very active rebound response, much more active then previous generation Velocity pads.  The Carbon Core creates a rebound almost identical to the very stiff “butterfly” style pads. One of the great things that Vaughn was able to do with the V9 was maintain the hybrid feel that a Velocity has become known for.  The way they were able to balance the hybrid feel with the active rebounding properties was through the thickness (or profile) of the core.  This created a thinner profile pad which again eliminates weight and also takes away the bulkiness of the pad.  The vertical roll on the V9 has also been thinned out for 2020.

Goalies plus was able to obtain brand new Velocity V9 gear made for Jeremy Smith of HC Kunlun Red Star of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL).

Vaughn Velocity V9 Jeremy Smith Leg Pad Specs:

  • Size: 33+3
  • Conform to 2018 NHL logo specifications – there will now be no oval on Bottom ILP or outside scoop
  • Solid top outside roll
  • Replace LD24 with LD45 on Pattern #GP4235P1H & GP4230PIH – the rest will stay LD24 – KORPISALO SPEC
  • Add a 2nd layer of carbon fiber pattern # GP4225P3 CF and glue between the 1/4″ LD and 1/2″ HD80 in thigh
  • Use HD 80 instead of LD70 for part #GP4175P
  • Replace 1″ ester foam with 1/2″ easter foam – pattern GP4208
  • Add 1/4″ HD80 under 1/2″ ester foam in scoop – pattern GP4208
  • NHL Inside edge – 1/2″ seam will be added in sewing
  • Trim the balance stabilizer 1″ on angle like we did on the Korpisalo pad
  • Made knee cradle all one piece – remove lace tab for outside knee flap – Korpisalo spec
  • Removed lace tab for “RRC” strap and sew in place
  • Shorten both 1″ elastic calf straps 3″ – WILL NEED TO BE 1″X15″
  • Use SLR magnet clips instead of VE8 for both elastic calf straps – We do on Coreau pad
  • Add 2″ to Y-Strap elastic
  • Replace scoop strap / clip with VPG SLR scoop strap / buckle setup – will use VE8 strap pocket setup
  • Add nylon reinforcement to back of loop material on RRC strap in unit
  • Notch back of outer side rails at knee – we do this on the Korpisalo pads
  • Add carbon fiber to top of foam in outsdie roll in the scoop only
  • Quick Slide on inside edge
  • Extra set of Y-Straps