Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads [Stock Version]

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Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads – Stock Version

The Vaughn Velocity has always been the bench mark for hybrid goalie pads in the hockey industry.  The Velocity V9 Stock version has a single break versus a double break that is found on the Velocity V9 Special Edition.  The single break is better for a goalie with a wider butterfly and the double break for a goalie with a narrower butterfly.  The single break has a slightly stiffer torsional flex compared to the double break.

As for the features of the Velocity V9 leg pads, a lot has changed from the VE8 version.  The major difference compared to the previous generation is the active rebound benefit on the face of the Velocity V9.  Vaughn has made the foams in the V9 more active and therefore the puck will rebound off the face of the pad with more energy. Some other new features on the Velocity V9 leg pads are the addition of Quick Slide material on all stock models.  The Quick Slide material was a huge success on the Vaughn Ventus SLR2 goalie leg pads and is now a stock option on the Velocity V9.  The Quick Slide material greatly increases side to side movement and makes bad third period ice feel like a fresh clean sheet of ice.  Vaughn has also widened the leg channel of the Velocity V9 and extended the wrap around protection on the back of the legs.  The knee landing area on the Velocity V9 has been lengthened. This helps provide a second level of coverage in the butterfly position and is especially helpful for shots that squeeze through the thigh rise while making a save using the butterfly technique.  The lengthened blocks seal nicely behind the thigh rise and seal up these types of situations.

Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads – Stock Version Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • Stock version – Single vertical break
  • Firmer front surface gives more active rebound
  • Quick slide material on inner pad edge
  • Bottom trim with quick slide material
  • Lower skate strap with Elastic and Velcro closure
  • Wide inner leg cradle with wider shape
  • Extended back leg coverage
  • Lower profile outside roll with single break style
  • Plus 2” thigh rise with square shaped inside edge
  • Thinner outside panel profile for less bulk
  • Pre-curved shape for precise shape
  • New inner knee cradle pad is adjustable
  • Two-way adjustable knee cradle strap
  • Knee cradle center with MSH speeds pad and leg rotation
  • Wider inner knee landing surface
  • Three knee roll design
  • Inner core is more rebound active for 2020
  • Scoop bend with easier flex
  • Outer knee cradle pad is adjustable or removable
  • Reinforced instep over skate