Vaughn Velocity V9 Youth Arm & Arm Protector

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Vaughn Velocity V9 Youth Arm & Arm Protector

Now available from Vaughn is the Velocity V9 Youth Chest & Arm Protector.  The Velocity V9 is called a youth but we like to consider it a youth/junior hybrid.  Generally youth chest protector are very simple with not much protection and very small.  The Velocity V9 Youth Chest Protector has a higher level of protection compared to most other youth chest protectors. The V9 incorporates a lot of the features of the junior and senior versions making it safe for a wider variety of levels.  With enhanced forearm and bicep protection on the V9, it is very mobile and well protected in the arm areas. A true sternum and back plate also provide enhanced protection not often seen on youth chest protectors.  The shoulder area has a traditional shoulder floaters backed with molded shoulder caps providing two levels of upper chest and shoulder protection.

With adjustable arms and shoulder floaters, this unit can customized to fit each individual goalie.

The size of the V9 youth is also a bit bigger then traditional youth chest protectors, so the Medium/Large does fit into the traditional junior size range.

Vaughn Velocity V9 Youth Arm & Arm Protector Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • New design gives greater chest and belly coverage
  • Increased vertical adjustment for chest pad
  • Adjustable arm length
  • Full adjustable spine protection
  • Molded shoulder and arm caps
  • Side elbow impact protection
  • Molded forearm and bicep pads
  • New V9 style and look
  • HD foams in Chest pad
  • Segmented shoulder floaters
  • Available in youth sizes S/M and M/L