Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove [Stock Version]

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Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove

New for 2018 is the Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Catch Glove.  With a new design and traditional Vaughn feel, the VE8 is one of the best new gloves for 2018.  The new design of the VE8 Pro glove keeps the traditional 60 degree break but incorporates new features that allows the glove to be more flexible compared to past generations of Velocity gloves.  The Velocity VE8 Pro has a two piece cuff design that allows the goalie maximum wrist flexibility.  This is a popular feature among goalies who stick handle with the pocket of the glove in a downward position.  In this downward position the goalie needs a good bit of wrist movement to be able to properly play the puck.  Another new feature is the split T design of the pocket.  At the base of the pocket there is a single t that splits into a double t the higher it goes in the pocket.  The single t at the base gives the glove much more flexibility then a traditional double t base.  As the pocket transitions into a double t, the glove then takes on the soft open characteristic of a double t pocket.  This is popular as it creates a soft catching pocket which is much more forgiving then the single t pocket.  This t pocket design also allows the glove to open and close fully which give the goalie the blocking surface area and the max closure of the glove. Based on what we have seen, the VE8 Pro glove is much closer to what actual NHL goalies use when it comes to Vaughn gloves.  In the past, most NHL goalies used models such as the 5500 that felt one way while the retail version of Velocity gloves felt entirely different.  We feel that this glove is as close the what the pros are using then ever before.

Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove Features

  • Two piece cuff thumb design for active glove feel
  • HDPE polyethelene molded palm and back thumb
  • Large wide span T-web with new spilt VE8 design
  • Pre-formed palm flex area
  • Four piece back hand protector
  • Offset t-web creates deeper pocket
  • Full grip interior palm surface
  • New visually disruptive graphics
  • Full pull wrist strap for glove control
  • Reinforced finger palm area perimeter edge
  • Adjustable inner hand padding for precise fit
  • Padded wrist strap
  • Light weight

Vaughn Velocity Gloves – VE8 Pro vs. VE8 Pro XP

When most goalies think of the Vaughn Velocity series, they automatically think of a hybrid style goalie like Jonathan Quick or Tuuka Rask. Although this is very much the case, Vaughn does offer two versions of the Velocity VE8 glove that could be used by a hybrid or butterfly style goalie.  With the two different Velocity VE8 gloves, one has one piece cuff/thumb and one with a two piece cuff with two different break positions. This gives the goalie the option on the type of closure they want and the stiffness of the cuff.  The VE8 Pro has the traditional Vaughn 60 degree break with a two piece cuff design and a game ready thickness palm.  For goalies that like the traditional feel of a Vaughn glove (example being a 5500) and wants/needs more wrist movement, this is the version that would best suit this goalie.  The second version of the 2018 Velocity Glove is the VE8 Pro XP. The VE8 Pro XP an entirely new design for Vaughn, this has a 75 degree break in the hand (which is commonly seen in the Reebok/CCM Premier series).  The palm on the glove also has an added layer of foam on the outer portion of the glove for extra protection.  The VE8 Pro XP also has a one piece cuff design that is popular among blocking (butterfly) style goalies because it adds rigidity to the cuff area of the glove.  Both of the new VE8 gloves use the same new split T that allows for a deep pocket and increased overall flexibility.