Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Single Break Senior Leg Pads [Stock Version]

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Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Senior Leg Pads

New for 2018 is the Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Goalie Leg Pads. There may be a little confusion between the Velocity VE8 Pro Carbon Leg Pads and the Velocity VE8 Pro Leg Pads (the word carbon is not present in the second version). The VE8 Pro Carbon Pad is the domestic pro version and the Velocity VE8 Pro is the off-shore version. These pads are almost identical in every aspect except the country of origin. There are a few small details that are different between the two pad but the biggest difference is the country of origin. Vaughn does a great job of offering a second pro pad that has a considerably lower price point with the VE8 series. The domestic VE8 Pro Carbon pad does offer more custom options but he VE8 Pro pad can also be custom ordered in different colors.

The Velocity VE8 goal pad has been completely re-designed for 2018.  The biggest two changes a consumer will see is the strapping system and the reduction in weight.  The previous generation Velocity V7 still had a traditional strapping system but the 2018 VE8 has gone to the quick strapping that is very popular these days.  The VE8 uses elastic straps like most brands but with one major change from other competitors; they use a magnetic clip system to connect the strap to the pad.  Most companies use Velcro to connect to the pad, this is great at the beginning but the Velcro tends to loose its sticking capacity very quickly.  Once this happens, the strap becomes useless.  With this magnetic clip system, you will never have to worry about debris getting in the Velcro and loosing its ability to attach.  Another difference you will feel on the VE8 versus older Velocity series is a stiffer ankle flex.  While still very flexible compared to a blocking or butterfly style pad, there was a lot of feedback from Vaughn’s hybrid style goalies wanted this area to be a bit stiffer as the older pads would break down very quickly in this area.  Vaughn also made another change and that was to the top binding.  The Vaughn went away from a thin traditional binding to a thicker and more square binding design.  This design change will do a better job sealing the five hole and creating extra strength to the pad while in the butterfly position.

Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Senior Leg Pads Features:

  • New style graphic with visually disruptive graphic
  • Solid inside knee drive block
  • Smooth inside edge for easy movement on ice
  • Lower profile outside roll
  • Thin front face cushion foam for more puck action
  • New design top thigh rise creates more blocking surface
  • Large inside landing area for great balance and movement
  • Full 11” width
  • Single break outside roll
  • Full pro core internal padding with HD front surface
  • Stiffer ankle break area
  • Adjustable and removable outer knee cradle pad
  • Wide knee with knee strap that has two position options
  • Center calf strap with wider adjustment area
  • Thin profile outer side panel
  • New magnetic buckle quick attach system

Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pad Vs. Vaughn Ventus SLR Pad

Vaughn offers two lines of goalie pads – the Velocity VE8 and the Ventus SLR series.  If you are unsure of the differences, we are here to help you decide what is best for you.  The Velocity VE8 is the continuation of the very successful Velocity line that has been around since the early 2000’s.  This pad has been the goal pad of choice for goalies that play a hybrid/athletic style.  Goalies like Jonathan Quick and Tuuka Rask are great examples of goalies that prefer this type of pad.  Built for a lot of flexibility, this pad has a very soft and flexible nature to it.,  The Ventus SLR pad could be categorized as a butterfly or blocking because of the flat face style but we do not see it that way.  The Ventus SLR is a pad that a very athletic butterfly/blocking goalie that is wanting more flexibility in a pad would like.  Goalies like Jimmy Howard and Matt Murray who were always Velocity guys have switched to the Ventus SLR pads for this reason.  They play with a variety of techniques and the flat face design along with extra flexibility (compared to a traditional stiff butterfly pad) gives them the best of both worlds.

High Mid-Level (Semi-Pro) Goal Pads Vs. Pro Goal Pads

There are many schools of thought when it comes to high mid-Level goalie leg pads vs. pro level goalie leg pads. The most glaring difference in most cases (but not all) is that pro goalie leg pads are made domestically and high mid-level goalie pads are made off-shore. There are however a few companies that now make their high pro level leg pads off-shore as well. When looking at a high mid-level goal pad vs. a true pro level goal pad side by side, it can be very difficult to know the difference – even to a trained eye. There generally are slight quality differences in the foams and synthetic leathers and differences in the features offered. Again, these can be very difficult to notice. The modern high mid-level leg pad materials can take quite a but of abuse, however if used to the same degree as a true pro pad, these pads will break down quicker. Another big difference is the amount of customization. Pro goalie pads have much more options in customization vs. a mid-level goalie pad.