Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Carbon Double Cup Goalie Jock [Senior]


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Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Carbon Double Cup Goalie Jock

New from Vaughn is the Ventus SLR Double Jock with Carbon reinforcement.  This jock was made with one purpose, be the most protective and comfortable goalie jock to ever be made.  The SLR Pro carbon is the next generation of the extremely popular Ventus LT98 Jock.  This is the biggest double cup you can find on the goalie market today and with a new design in the waist area, it is even more mobile then before. As with all Vaughn Carbon gear, this jock has a carbon fiber layer that provides maximum protection and reduces weight.  A wide waist band that is fully adjustable reduces the stress on the elastic and provides a longer life spam for this product.  The segmented HD foam on both sides of the legs gives added protection to the top and side of the groin area.  Vaughn has always had the reputation of being one of the best, if not the best pant and jock combinations in the goalie gear manufacturing market.  It is no wonder why more than fifty percent of all NHL and NCAA goalie prefer Vaughn pants and jocks to any other manufacture.  Even though you may not play in the NHL, everyone needs to be protected (in this area) like an NHL goalie, so if you want the best then the Vaughn SLR Pro Carbon Goalie Jock is for you.


Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Carbon Double Cup Goalie Jock Features:

  • True Pro Spec construction
  • Full front double cup for maximum protection
  • Advanced designed Injected molded main cup with extra thickness for superior performance
  • Carbon fiber front cup panel and waist inserts add protection
  • Segments HD and foam front waist section provides increased coverage and flexibility
  • Large side leg bumpers for comfort and impact cushioning
  • Wide waist band with Velcro adjustment
  • Adjustable leg retention support straps
  • Fits waist sizes 32″ to 44″
  • There are no returns on Jocks or Under Garments