Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Intermediate Goalie Blocker

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Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Intermediate Goalie Blocker

The Ventus SLR Goalie Blocker features many of the preferences of majority of goalies. The light weight and flexibility works for butterfly or hybrid goalies. The Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Intermediate Goalie Blocker is structured to take away the shooting angle.  The large front blocking area offers greater net coverage.  The finger area provides extra padding for protection. The hand and palm area of the Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Goalie Blocker features comfort and mobility.  Vaughn designed the SLR blocker palm to enhance puck control.  The neoprene flex inner hand allows for more feel. Ice hockey goalies can’t expect to reach their full potential on the ice if they’re wearing the wrong equipment. In such situations, a goalie spends more time thinking about their lack of comfort than they do focusing on the puck and the other players on the ice.  The Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Goalie Blocker is one the finest on the market.  Delivering the mobility and comfort necessary to excel on the ice, players of all skill levels may very well take their game to the next level with it.  If you’re looking to buy Vaughn goalie gear online, look no further than Goalies Plus.  For any questions please call 1-800-599-2440 X2.

Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Goalie Blocker Features:

  • High-density internal foam blocking board for lightweight
  • Ergonomically shaped palm with cushion padding to reduce vibration
  • Large side shield with air cushion thumb pad
  • Tapered bottom board
  • Large wrist opening with flex cuff
  • No binding construction effectively increases usable blocking space
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Two piece finger protectors with large surface area
  • Large top board flare for puck deflecting
  • Double layered palm for durability
  • HD foam protection over finger tips
  • Large two-piece finger protectors
  • Four exclusive custom colors available only at Goalies Plus