Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Intermediate Goalie Blocker [Stock Version]

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Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Intermediate Goalie Blocker

New for 2019 is the Vaughn SLR2 goalie blocker.  The Ventus SLR2 blocker features many of the specs that the majority of goalies prefer.  This blocker can be used by either a hybrid or butterfly style goalie. The high density foams used in the SLR2 blocker make it extremely light weight and well balanced.  With a large bindingless surface, the SLR2 takes up the maximum allowed surface area under USA Hockey, Hockey Canada and IIHF rules. The Vaughn Ventus SLR2 blocker is structured to take away the shooting angle and provide optimum rebound control.  The new finger area provides an index finger trigger design which helps the goalie control the paddle of the goalie stick more effectively when they are in their ready position.   Vaughn designed the SLR2 blocker with a wide wrist opening to enhance puck control when stick handling.  The neoprene flex inner hand allows for more feel comfort and protection.

Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Intermediate Goalie Blocker Features

  • High-density internal foam blocking board for lightweight
  • Ergonomically shaped palm with cushion padding to reduce vibration
  • New index trigger finger design
  • Large side shield with air cushion thumb pad
  • Tapered bottom board
  • Large wrist opening with flex cuff
  • No binding construction effectively increases usable blocking space
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Two piece finger protectors with large surface area
  • Large top board flare for puck deflecting
  • Double layered palm for durability
  • HD foam protection over fingertips
  • Large two-piece finger protectors
  • Regular – Blocker goes on the right hand
  • Full Right – Blocker goes on the left hand

Differences between Ventus SLR2 & Velocity VE8 Junior & Intermediate Series:

Some of the main differences between the SLR2 lines and the VE8 lines:  One of the main differences is the size at the junior and intermediate levels.  The SLR2 series are made to be larger then the VE8 models. If you are looking for a larger junior or intermediate size, the SLR2 is the way to go.  If you are looking for a smaller junior or intermediate glove, the VE8 would be the way to go.  This can be seen in the two pad models as well with the SLR2 offering one size option larger (SLR2 offers a 28+2 vs. the largest VE8 junior pad is a 26+2) as well as the SLR being slightly wider then the Velocity.  On the other side, the VE8 offers a goalie pad one size option smaller and slimmer then the SLR2 (the smallest VE8 pad is a 22+2 vs. the smallest SLR2 at 24+2).