Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove [Stock Version – Split Cuff]

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Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove

The SLR2 glove is the double (split) cuff option that came standard on the original SLR glove. The solid single cuff version is the SLR2-ST glove.  Many goalies feel that the split cuff design provides more mobility and flexibility in the wrist area. The fit of this glove is closest to a 75 degree break angle (or 600 break by CCM terms).  The Ventus SLR2 glove is also a heat moldable glove and we strongly recommend heat fitting the SLR2 glove as it makes a big difference in feel and closure. For 2019, the Vaughn Ventus SLR2 continues to use the extra deep single T design however it is wider and deeper then the original SLR glove.  Another great feature of the SLR2 glove is the flared wrist design with generous open cuff.  Some goalies have issues getting their gloves on properly because of the chest & arm protectors can interfere at the wrist area.  With this open and flared design, there is more space for everything to fit properly and plenty of room for the arms to tuck into the glove.

Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Intermediate Catch Glove Features:

  • Front design has extra wide open pocket area
  • Wider and extra deep single bar T-web pocket
  • Split cuff design for increased wrist flexibility
  • Molded palm provides increased protection and superior glove shape
  • Increased palm padding
  • Neoprene flex inner hand for glove control
  • Reinforced finger edge perimeter
  • Positive grip inner hand base
  • Padded wrist strap with increased adjustment
  • Internal added wrist padding
  • Fingertip deflecting rail
  • Flared back cuff for increased wrist movementr
  • Heat moldable for custom fit and quicker break-in
  • Regular – Glove goes on left hand
  • Full Right – Glove goes on right hand