Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Senior Goalie Equipment Combo [2021 Limited Edition]

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Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Senior Leg Pads – Limited Edition

Single Break Version & Leather Boot Strap Exclusive to Goalie Plus:Goalies Plus is proud to be the only current USA dealer with a single break option on the Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Senior goalie pads with exclusive custom colors. The Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Limited Edition pads will have a few spec changes for the 2021 model.  First, Goalies Plus added a single break on the vertical roll of the leg pads.  This single break allows the pad to have better overall flexibility below the knee while staying stiff in the upper knee and thigh rise areas of the pad.  Since most pros wearing SLR2 Pro Carbon pads have the single break, we felt it would be a great addition to the pro SLR2.  We feel that offering the single break in the SLR2 Limited Edition provides better butterfly coverage while maintaining the upper stiffness that this style goalie desires.

The Limited Edition SLR2 also has a leather boot strap versus the synthetic leather/plastic strap that comes on the stock SLR2 pads.  Although the stock boot strap works fine, we found that most goalies prefer the traditional leather boot strap.  We also feel that the leather boot strap offers more durability over time by eliminating the plastic clip that comes on the stock version.

The Ventus SLR2 line was created as an option to the Vaughn Velocity line.  The Velocity series is a flexible and soft pad that is extremely popular with hybrid style goalies.  Some Vaughn pro goalies wanted a hybrid pad that was a bit stiffer then the Velocity pad but did not want a stiff blocking style/butterfly style pad.  With input from goalies like Matt Murray of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Jimmy Howard of the Detroit Red Wings, the Ventus SLR series was born.  The SLR and now SLR2 series is a combination of a hybrid and butterfly style pad combined into one.

Some of the new features is the SLR2 pad are a stiffer section from the knee up which allows for greater coverage in the butterfly position by keeping the thigh rise rigid.  From the knee down, the Ventus SLR2 pad has a softer feel compared to a traditional blocking/butterfly pad which allows for better movement and easier recovery techniques.  The face of the SLR2 pad is very firm which allows the puck to rebound off the pad at greater distances compared to a traditional hybrid style pad. Also new on the Ventus SLR2 pad is the new inner edge material.  Vaughn is now using a quick slide material on the inner edge, the knee landing and outer calf wrap.  This quick slide material will greatly increase the side to side speed of a goalies butterfly slide.  This material will help tremendously later in games when the ice is chalked up and slow.  Another new feature of the Ventus SLR2 pad is the toe bungee system.  For years manufactures like Vaughn have used skate lace to connect the toe of the pad to the toe of the skate.  In recent years, after market bungee toe tie products have become very popular because they allow the toe of the pad to stretch from the toe of the skate with an elastic type effect.  This stretching and recoiling improves the recovery process of a goalie but also takes pressure off the goalies ankles, knees and hips because it eliminates the quick stop and jerk process that skate lace has when it runs out of slack.  The vertical roll on the SLR2 has also been changed for 2019. The vertical roll (outer roll) is now a triangular design which eliminates weight and increases rebound control. The last change we would like to mention on the 2019 SLR2 pad is the top binding.  Just like on the 2018 Velocity VE8, Vaughn has gone to a more square and stronger top binding.  This style binding allows for a stronger and tighter seal when the goalie is utilizing the butterfly technique.

Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Leg Pads – Limited Edition Features:

  • Model Year: 2021
  • Goalies Plus Upgrade: Custom Colors Exclusive to Goalies Plus
  • Goalies Plus Upgrade: Single break added to the vertical roll
  • Goalies Plus Upgrade: Leather boot strap vs. stock synthetic/plastic strap
  • Full foam core internal structure
  • Full flat front blocking surface
  • Solid outside roll with beveled profile shape
  • Flat inner edge with higher density foam
  • HD foam internal core front panel for superior performance
  • Tall graphic has split front face and sewn in graphic stripes
  • New bungee cord toe attachment
  • Quick slide inside edge material
  • Wide knee cradle with angled adjustable strap
  • New wider leg cradle design speeds pad rotation
  • Deeper inner knee side panel for added balance and coverage
  • Firm front pad surface for more active puck response
  • Tapered outer edge on knee cradle for added pad rotation
  • Rotation control strap
  • New top thigh rise creates increased blocking surface
  • Very light weight
  • Pre shaped pad structure for precision fit
  • Available in sizes 32+2″, 33+2″, 34+2″, 35+2″

Differences from the original SLR Pad and the new SLR2 Pads:

SLR2 is approximately 10% lighter then the original.

SLR2 uses a speed slide material on the inner portion of the pad, original SLR did not.

SLR2 has a more square and stronger top binding then the SLR.

SLR2 uses a bungee toe tie system vs. traditional skate lace on the SLR

SLR2 has a triangular vertical roll vs. a traditional square roll on the SLR

SLR2 leg channel is wider then the original SLR


Vaughn Ventus SLR2-ST Pro Senior Goalie Catch Glove – Limited Edition

Now available at Goalies Plus is the Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Limited Edition series. There are three custom color ways – Black/White/Orange, White/Black & White/Navy/Silver These color ways can only be found at Goalies Plus.

The SLR2-ST glove is slightly different from the SLR2 because the ST glove has a single (solid) cuff design compared to the double (split) cuff the has been on the original SLR and the SLR2 models.  In terms of durabilty and strength, we feel that the one piece glove does offer better durability and a stronger cuff in general.  The fit of this glove is closest to a 75 degree break angle (or 600 break by CCM terms).  The Ventus SLR2 glove is also a heat moldable glove and we strongly recommend heat fitting the SLR2-ST gloves as it makes a big difference in feel and closure. The Ventus SLR2-ST continues to use the extra deep single T design however it is wider and deeper then the original SLR glove.  Another great feature of the SLR2-ST glove is the flared wrist design with generous open cuff.  Some goalies have issues getting their gloves on properly because of the chest & arm protectors can interfere at the wrist area.  With this open and flared design, there is more space for everything to fit properly and plenty of room for the arms to tuck into the glove.

Vaughn Ventus SLR2-ST Pro Senior Catch Glove Features:

  • Model Year: 2021
  • Three Limited Edition Colors – Black/White/Orange, White/Black & White/Navy/Silver
  • New ST model has large solid thumb format front catch profile for greater net coverage
  • Front design has extra wide open pocket area
  • Wider and extra deep single bar T-web pocket
  • Molded palm provides increased protection and superior glove shape
  • Increased palm padding
  • Neoprene flex inner hand for glove control
  • Reinforced finger edge perimeter
  • Positive grip inner hand base
  • Padded wrist strap with increased adjustment
  • Internal added wrist padding
  • Fingertip deflecting rail
  • Flared back cuff for increased wrist movement
  • Full Pro construction with 45″ perimeter
  • Heat moldable for custom fit and quicker break-in
  • Regular – Glove goes on left hand
  • Full Right – Glove goes on right hand

Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Limited Edition Goalie Blocker

Now available at Goalies Plus is the Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Limited Edition series.  There are three custom color ways – Black/White/Orange, White/Black & White/Navy/Silver  These color ways can only be found at Goalies Plus.

New for 2019 is the Vaughn SLR2 Pro goalie blocker.  The Ventus SLR2 blocker features many of the specs that the majority of goalies prefer.  This blocker can be used by either a hybrid or butterfly style goalie. The high density foams used in the SLR2 blocker make it extremely light weight and well balanced.  With a large bindingless surface, the SLR2 takes up the maximum allowed surface area under NHL, NCAA, USA Hockey, Hockey Canada and IIHF rules. The Vaughn Ventus SLR2 blocker is structured to take away the shooting angle and provide optimum rebound control.  The new finger area provides an index finger trigger design which helps the goalie control the paddle of the goalie stick more effectively when they are in their ready position.   Vaughn designed the SLR2 blocker with a wide wrist opening to enhance puck control when stick handling.  The neoprene flex inner hand allows for more feel comfort and protection.

Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Limited Edition Goalie Blocker Features:

  • Model Year: 2021
  • Three Limited Edition Colors – Black/White/Orange, White/Black & White/Navy/Silver
  • High-density internal foam blocking board for lightweight
  • Ergonomically shaped palm with cushion padding to reduce vibration
  • New index trigger finger design
  • Large side shield with air cushion thumb pad
  • Tapered bottom board
  • Large wrist opening with flex cuff
  • No binding construction effectively increases usable blocking space
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Two piece finger protectors with large surface area
  • Large top board flare for puck deflecting
  • Double layered palm for durability
  • HD foam protection over fingertips
  • Large two-piece finger protectors
  • Full pro construction with 15” x 8” blocking board
  • Regular – Blocker goes on the right hand
  • Full Right – Blocker goes on the left hand