Vaughn VM 7400 Junior Goalie Mask

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The Vaughn 7400 Junior Goalie Mask is recommended for Rec thru A travel hockey levels.

Vaughn 7400 Certified Junior Goalie Mask

The Vaughn 7400 goalie mask is a great beginner to intermediate ice hockey mask or deck/roller hockey mask.  This mask is made for the young goalie new to the sport or the goalie who plays some competitive hockey but isn’t worried about playing super high travel levels at this point in the career.  The 7400 junior mask is HECC certified so it can be used at all levels of USA Hockey.  The Vaughn 7400 mask is also CSA certified in Canada and CE certified in Europe.  If you are looking for a entry level goalie mask or a budget friendly mask for a young goalie, the Vaughn 7400 is a great option..

Vaughn 7400 Certified Goal Mask Features:

  • Injection molded high strength shell
  • Recessed cage provides increased visibility
  • Contoured shape reduces flat spots to reduce impact forces
  • Large face opening increases visibility
  • Cage construction with high tensile carbon steel with low glare powder coated finish
  • Fully CSA, HECC, and CE certified
  • Available in Black or White
  • Sizes: Junior

Goalie Mask Construction

Goalies Plus is very particular about the kind of masks we sell, we feel there are good masks on the market today and unsafe masks on the market today. Our pro level masks and high mid-level masks are all glass lay-up shells with either carbon or Kevlar reinforcement. These types of masks are very rigid, when a shot hits the goalies mask – the mask is solid enough to deflect about 90 to 95 percent shots away from the head without any or minimal shell flex. What this means is the mask shell will not flex towards the goalies head under impact. Under extreme impact, the mask will actually start to crack and disperse the shock away from the goalies head. This dispersion keeps the mask from flexing in towards the goalies head. The glass lay-up masks are also very rigid so if you try to squeeze the mask at the ears, it will have very minimal flex. This is very important if a larger player falls on the goalie. The rigidness of the mask helps minimize the risk of a compression concussion. These types of masks start in the price range of $ 350.00 and go up from there based on features. We feel that this is a very sound investment for any goalie. Even at a recreational level, a beginner or low level player can still get a hold of a shot by dumb luck, better to be safe then sorry in our opinion.

Now for the other type of mask construction – plastic injected masks. You will hear terms like polycarbonate or other fancy terms but the reality is these mask are built in a mold by plastic injection. There are claims of these shells being crack resistant or holding up better under hammer or puck shooting machine tests. These are actually true, a plastic injected mask generally will not crack; however the problem of shock transfer to the head is increased dramatically in our opinion. Plastic injected masks do not break – they bend, when it bends the impact is transferred back through the goalies head. This is our opinion and we feel this makes a very dangerous situation for a goalie has the impact transfers from the shell through the foam and onto the head. Also, when you squeeze the ear areas together, there is a huge amount of flex. If a larger player falls on a goalie, this can create a compression concussion. Sometimes at a youth or junior level, there may not be an option for a higher level mask so a goalie may have to choose a plastic injected mask. However at the senior sizes, there are plenty of safer options. Again these are our opinions about goalie masks and we feel confident that our customers are being given the proper information to make an educated decision on their head protection.