Vaughn VPG Ventus SLR Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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Vaughn VPG Ventus SLR Pro Carbon Senior Leg Pads

The Vaughn VPG Ventus SLR Pro Carbon Senior Leg Pads are a pro level goalie pad.
Recommended 5 to 7 uses per week.

Vaughn VPG Ventus SLR Pro Carbon Senior Leg Pads Features

  • Full foam core internal structure
  • Extreme light weight
  • Flat front firm blocking surface
  • Rotation control inner leg strap
  • Calf strap with magnetic buckle closure
  • Adjustable angle skate strap
  • Single break outside roll
  • Pro core internal with full length carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Extra carbon fiber layer above knee for added pad stiffness
  • Flat inner edge with higher density foam
  • HD foam internal core front panel for superior performance
  • Vertical oriented graphic has split front face and sewn in graphic stripes
  • Visually taller graphic appearance
  • Wide knee cradle with angled adjustable strap
  • Wide leg cradle design speeds pad rotation
  • Deeper inner knee side panel for added balance and coverage
  • Tapered outer edge on knee cradle for added pad rotation
  • Offset tie on toe assembly
  • New calf and leg strapping system
  • Preshaped pad structure for precision fit
  • Higher boot angle
  • Optional dual break outside roll
  • Available in sizes, 31+2″, 32+2″, 33+2″, 34+2″, 35+2″, 36+2″, 37+1″ and custom sizing is available.