Vaughn VPG Ventus SLR Junior Goalie Leg Pads

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Vaughn VPG Ventus SLR Pro Junior Leg Pads

From their Custom Pro Carbon gear to every piece of goalie equipment they make, the team at Vaughn simply gets it done. The full foam core of the Ventus pad is top-quality, rivaling the materials used a few years ago in custom pads.  For Butterfly or Hybrid goalies, Vaughn’s advanced strap system accommodates either style.  The Velcro and Buckle combination keeps the Ventus pad in place snugly or can be tweaked to allow for consistent rotation.

If you’re in the market for a flat faced goalie leg pad that features a pre-shaped fit and added flexibility, look no further than the Vaughn VPG Ventus SLR Pro Leg Pads.  With the SLR line of goalie gear, Vaughn continuously establishes its place in the conversation when shopping for mid-priced gear.

The Vaughn VPG Ventus SLR Pro Junior Leg Pad Features

  • Full foam core internal structure.
  • Full flat front blocking surface.
  • Single break outside roll.
  • Inner core designed for easier optimal flex.
  • Firm front blocking surface.
  • Rotation control strap.
  • Lower profile outer roll.
  • Ventus graphic features a split front face and sewn in graphic stripes.
  • Visually taller graphic appearance.
  • Wide knee cradle with angled adjustable strap.
  • Extreme lightweight for superior pad balance.
  • Tall plus 2″ sizing.
  • Available in sizes 24+2″, 26+2″, 28+2″.

The Vaughn VPG Ventus SLR Pro Junior Leg Pads feature a full foam core internal structure.  Vaughn is renowned for the consistency and integrity of their foams.  The Ventus SLR Leg pads stand as no exception.  The pads provide a perfect seal.  The higher density and added thigh rise shut down the five hole. Vaughn’s innovative Rotational Strap System gets you suited up more easily and faster.  The Ventus SLR Leg Pads provide a “smart” strap system that offers the consistency of a traditional system.