Vaughn VTG 2000 Lexan Throat Protector [Tinted Colors]


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Vaughn VTG 2000 Lexan Throat Protector

There are two types of goalie throat protection, the lexan dangling guard and the throat collar. The main differences between the two are: the lexan is made to protect against shots while the throat collar is made to protect against skate cuts and add collar bone protection. Most collars will be BNQ certified which means that the material used on the collar is resistant to skate cuts.

Vaughn VTG 2000 Lexan Throat Protector Features:

  • Injection molded for superior strength
  • Polished mold for added clarity and increased visibility
  • Polycarbonate material provides precise shape and strength
  • Contoured shape adds strength for shock dispersal and added neck and chin coverage
  • Flared chin for tighter fit against lower neck and chest area
  • Mounting clips and attachment laces are included