Warrior Ritual G7 Junior Goalie Equipment Combo [Special Edition]


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Warrior Ritual G7 Junior Goalie Leg Pads – Special Edition

New for 2024, Goalies Plus has decided to bring Warrior back into the fold.  In the past, we have not carried the Warrior pads, however we felt that the G7 was a great product for the price.

For a junior goalie leg pad, we felt the Warrior G7 checked all the right boxes.  A lightweight leg pad with internal foams that are stiff enough to perform high end techniques but not too stiff that the goalie cannot move in them.  The Warrior G7 leg pads have a reinforced thigh rise, making the pads stiff from the bottom of the knee on up. At 9.5 inches wide, the pads have a very nice height to width proportion.  As for sliding side to side, Warrior uses slide plates over the knee landing area that allows for incredible slidability side to side.  The slide plates take away almost all the friction between the ice and the pads – even on chewed up third period ice.  This helps a young goalies movement even with strength limitations.  If the goalie feels this is too much, the plates can easily be removed.

The double elastic knee and calf strapping make putting on the Warrior G7 junior pads extremely easy and fast.

Goalies Plus will be offering four custom intermediate color ways exclusive to our store:

  • Red & Black
  • Silver & Black
  • Orange & Black
  • Navy & White

Warrior Ritual G7 Junior Goalie Leg Pads Features:

  • Model Year: 2024
  • Exclusive colors at Goalies Plus
  • 1 Piece Core: Stiff Thigh & Medium Below Knee
  • Single external break
  • SlidePlate & HD foam inner gusset
  • CoverEDGE+ technology
  • Doubled elastic knee & calf strapping
  • Redesigned outer calf wrap
  • 9.5 Inches Wide
  • Adjustable ARS toe & heel straps

Warrior Ritual G7 Junior Goalie Catch Glove – Special Edition

New for 2024 is the Warrior Ritual G7 junior catch glove.  First impression of the Ritual G7 junior glove is how game ready it is off the shelf.  The G7 junior glove opens and closes with no additional break in methods.  For a young goalie, this is extremely important as they can literally use this glove off the shelf.  It also takes pressure off the parents of having to figure out how to make the glove more flexible for their young goalie.  We also felt Warrior did a great job on the proportionate sizing of this glove, it is not too big and not too small for a junior sized goalie.

The Ritual G7 junior catch glove comes with a skate lace pocket.  The skate lace pocket is the most asked for spec at Goalies Plus and we have added it to all of our Warrior gloves for 2024.

Warrior G7 Junior Goalie Catch Glove Features:

  • Model Year: 2024
  • Special Edition Skate Lace Pocket
  • Special Edition Colors
  • Dimensions extend at the thumb to enhance a wider catching shape
  • Index to mid-thumb closure
  • New cuff design enhances wrist mobility
  • Removable liner in 75 degree finger positioning
  • CoverEDGE+ technology
  • HyperComp reinforced core
  • Single Tee pocket with AxyFlex Tee
  • Regular – Glove goes on the left hand
  • Full Right – Glove goes on the right hand

Warrior Ritual G7 Junior Goalie Blocker – Special Edition

New for 2024 is the Warrior G7 Junior goalie blocker.  Warrior has done a very nice job creating a junior blocker that is extremely lightweight and balanced.  The Ritual G7 has a great proportionate size for a goalie in the junior category – not too big and not too small, The G7 junior blocker also has adjustable finger protection so each goalie can adjust the blocker to their particular needs.  The opening between the finger and thumb area is wide enough for a young goalie to handle the goalie stick without the stick getting wedged and stuck in the area (which a common issue with smaller goalie blockers).

Warrior G7 Junior Goalie Blocker Features:

  • Model Year: 2024
  • Special Edition Colors
  • Adjustable side finger protection
  • Contoured thumb for maximum protection.
  • Reinforced sidewall stability
  • Adjustable backhand strap for fit and comfort
  • Lightweight design with high quality materials.
  • Regular – Blocker goes on the right hand
  • Full Right – Blocker goes on the left hand