Warrior Ritual G7 Pro Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove [Special Edition]


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Warrior Ritual G7 Pro Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove – Special Edition

New for 2024 is the Warrior Ritual G7 Pro Catch Glove.  First impression of the Ritual G7 is how game ready it is off the shelf.  The G7 Glove opens and closes with no additional break in methods.  Goalies Plus has also added a skate lace pocket to the Ritual G7 glove.  The skate lace pocket is the most asked for spec at Goalies Plus and we have added it to all of our Warrior gloves for 2024.

The Warrior Ritual G7 Intermediate Catch Glove comes with a removable palm.  The palm that comes with the G7 Intermediate glove is the 75-degree break angle liner.  If a goalie wants to change the break angle, the palm can be removed and replaced with a 60 or 90-degree palm liner.

Goalies Plus will be offering three custom colors:

  • Silver & Black
  • Red & Black
  • Orange & Black

Warrior G7 Pro Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove Features:

  • Model Year: 2024
  • Special Edition Skate Lace Pocket
  • Special Edition Colors
  • Dimensions extend at the thumb to enhance a wider catching shape
  • Index to mid-thumb closure
  • New cuff design enhances wrist mobility
  • Removable liner in 75 degree finger positioning
  • CoverEDGE+ technology
  • HyperComp reinforced core
  • Single Tee pocket with AxyFlex Tee
  • Regular – Glove goes on the left hand
  • Full Right – Glove goes on the right hand